Ditch The Digital Trend – Invest In Traditional Watches

Ditch The Digital Trend – Invest In Traditional Watches

It’s official; we’re a nation obsessed with technology. From my vantage point, I see at least three people staring into iPhones, some even wearing complimentary Apple Watches. Two-thirds of adults in the UK now own smartwatches, and it’s having a catastrophic effect on the style of the nation.  Smartwatches may count your activity level, but are they a great fashion choice? There’s no comparison with the sophistication a luxury timepiece offers when matched with a glorified pedometer.

Great tech has had some amazing impacts on our lives, but as far as style goes, I’ve yet to be convinced. A smartwatch may sync all your tasks and allow you to be connected to the internet 24/7, but it’s no comparison to the air of sophistication that wearing a luxury timepiece offers. So I say, let’s ditch the tech and enjoy this gentle encouragement to abandon the boys’ tech trend and join the men who choose to invest in beautifully crafted, sophisticated watches. Are you sporty? Seiko could you be the brand for you, they have recently collaborated and become an official partner with the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) the world’s biggest diver training organisation. Can’t decide on your style? Then a watch with an interchangeable strap is the perfect fit for your eclectic taste. A casual design can be transformed in seconds by adopting a new strap. Christopher Ward’s mix and match designs offer great changeability but also luxury on a budget, so much so the company slogan is “The Cheapest most Expensive Watches in the World”.

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The trouble with tech

Alarming studies show that 34% of 25-34-year-olds have felt overwhelmed by the amount of technology used in society today, and by engaging with your phone to simply check the time is enhancing this anxiety. How many times have you glanced at your phone, then checked your email, then text your friend, then stalked your ex on social media only to be left with a pit in your stomach? By wearing a classic timepiece, these temptations are removed allowing you to live a mindful existence, free from the confines of technology. For those of us who experience battery-panic, then investing in a kinetic watch is the ideal transition from tech to timepiece. Kinetic watches are powered using the energy of motion; the wearer charges the engine by natural movements such as waving, walking or shaking hands. The battery will never die, and you will never have to reach into your pocket and discover that yes, she had moved on.

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Watches Provide a Legacy

As I’ve mentioned, the rise of tech is resulting in the loss of items. At one point, an heirloom from a loved one was a given, a stunning memento you could carry with you, or keep in the house to treasure. Today, these items are looking rare thanks to our online lives. Wearing a watch doesn’t only give you many years of pleasure, but it can be passed down to your children after you’re gone. Monetary gifts offer little solace, but an item you can hold in your hand will be a constant reminder of the life you lived for generations to come. Be sure to keep your watch in good condition so it maintains its value; today we’re busier than ever, so use reliable online watch repair companies that operate by post meaning there will be an inconvenience to your schedule.

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Express yourself with a sophisticated timepiece

It’s been long known that women have more choices of accessories than men, a sad fact that has been diminished further by everyone wearing the same trendy wearable tech. Investing in a luxury watch means you can bring some originality back to your style.  Cufflinks are OK, sunglasses are seasonal but a watch is always there acting as a silent expression of your personality.

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Wearing a high-quality timepiece separates you from the herd

You stand alone as a style icon showcasing your personality through accessories. You are removed from the technology-driven world and ensure you have a heart-felt heirloom to pass to your children. With all these benefits, are you still planning on syncing your contacts to your watch?

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