Do Your Bit – Easy Sustainable Fashion!

Do Your Bit – Easy Sustainable Fashion!

Fast fashion is steadily contributing to global warming, with 85% of all textiles going to waste each year. We all buy so many different jumpers, shoes, and hats for every season, and often only end up wearing these ‘unique’ pieces a couple of times before throwing them away.

With many brands announcing more sustainable production methods and fewer seasonal outputs year on year, the fashion industry is trying to fit in with the overwhelming message of urgency which the world’s best climate scientists are pleading with us to listen to.

So what can we do? Apart from reducing our fast fashion consumption, the best way to save both the environment and the money in your wallet is by repairing and repurposing your clothes and accessories. We buy many versions of the same style because that’s what we like. We are overloaded with advertising and marketing which makes us think we need more of what we already have. Taking the time to really decide what you can reimagine, renew, and reuse in your wardrobe will be a creative challenge that might end up becoming a helpful habit!

Look through all of your old clothes, notebooks, and materials for interesting patches or logos. You can easily switch on or embroider an iron-on patch for pretty much anything nowadays! Sew your favourite band’s logo over large rips for a cool, worn look. Disguising imperfections with shredded denim, tassels or chemical effects such as tie-dye or bleaching can add an element of fun and excitement to your wardrobe.



Try a 30-day Wardrobe Challenge! 

These challenges involve wearing an all-black outfit, trying a colour scheme, repurposing items, and discovering new ways to jazz up your wardrobe. You may fall back in love with old pieces that you forgot existed!

Apart from a good old-fashioned shoe shine, your leather shoes may be in need of some serious tender loving care. Restoring old leather items is a hobby adored by many. You can easily learn to polish your own shoes, dye the leather, and restore soles by using online video tutorials and reading other DIYer’s blog posts. You can start out with a basic kit and collect fancier tools as you move from beginner to maestro while reshaping and customising your shoes. Just remember to not let your shoe studio take over the entire garage!  Even old leather that you think is worn out past its time can be renewed. If you are confused about how to fix the strap on your beloved leather satchel or need some advice on a watch, have a look at these simple tricks for using leather glue to fix a wide range of leather clothes and accessories.

If you are already loving a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle, you may be happy right now with your wardrobe and your minimal collection of essential items. Unfortunately, from time to time, even our most reliable gadgets can falter. You may have encountered issues with your headphones before.

Headphones are notoriously delicate

Headphones are notoriously delicate and even the most expensive pairs can rip or twist out of place in no time. Here are some pro tips on what to do when your headphones get busted.

Remember some of these tips the next time you are tempted by an enticing shop window, or you find yourself in a dressing room trying on a brand new leather jacket. You might reflect on what you currently have in your wardrobe, and whether you really need the latest pair of trainers or a studded belt. You may find that you already have all the ingredients for your perfect outfit! Protection Status

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