Is CBD Impacting the Fashion World too?

Is CBD Impacting the Fashion World too?

CBD is making waves in the wellness industry for its extraordinary ability to heal people from various health conditions. On the other hand, the fashion world has been a bit slow in embracing the CBD craze albeit many people in fashion are already reaping the benefits of this miracle cure.

With popular brands and personalities candidly boasting about the benefits of CBD before the media, we think we can remain perceptive yet open-minded about how uniquely the fashion world will blend the CBD-infused fabric with the market.

No wonder that the fashion gurus are in the process to stop at nothing while ushering the cannabis industry into the mainstream. So, it is safe to agree that the brand space for CBD oil in the fashion industry is quite huge and people are using CBD oil for both, personal and productive purposes.

From healthy skin and better health to CBD-imbued apparels, CBD oil and fashion is surely going to be in-vogue soon, and that explains how and why people in the industry are using CBD oil these days.


An Introduction To CBD Oil

Cannabidiol, popularly known as CBD, is one of the numerous compounds found in the cannabis plant. The good thing about this magical product is that it does not produce a ‘high’ in your brain, or in other words, get you stoned. CBD, when taken in various formulations, interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the body to bring a state of balance (homeostasis) in the body. CBD oil is supposedly therapeutic in nature and has (anecdotally) relieved people from disorders, such as anxiety, depression, inflammation, insomnia, heart disease, seizures, liver problems, diabetes, OCD, PTSD, osteoporosis, and chronic pains. In fact, CBD is also being considered as a potential cure for the treatment of cancer.

“It’s been marketed for helping nearly every organ system,” says Kamel Patel, co-founder of Well, we can agree on that but is CBD legal in the US? Thankfully, yes. After the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD was excluded from the list of ‘controlled-substance’ and legalized in all the 50 states of the nation.

CBD Oil And The World Of Fashion

Now, here’s the part you have been waiting for! CBD oil is slowly filtering through the fashion industry and the biggest brands are coming together to treat CBD oil as a wellness product. Many CBD companies are actually hiring fashion PR firms and veterans to enter into the fashion industry to make their mark on the new and perhaps, more profitable customers. If not all, then these ideas and efforts are surely attracting some major fashion brands and gurus to blend CBD and fashion together. For instance, New-York based communication firm BPCM launched its cannabis division called BPCM Cannabis and convinced InStyle’s founding editor, Lisa Gabor, to run it. The focus is to rope in many fashion labels, people, and companies to throw cannabis and brands together in the hopes of building something unique, powerful, and giving.

So, how CBD oil can help people in the fashion world? Well, these reasons shall help you understand the same.

1. It Can Successfully Tackle Skin Issues

Fashion models, when gracing the ramp, look absolutely flawless—we all can agree on that! However, just like us, our stunning models are also prone to suffering from bad skin. Let’s face it, models live a glamorous yet stressful life and thus, it is possible for them to experience skin problems, like acne, eczema, and psoriasis, which doesn’t have a medical cure. This is where the anti-inflammatory qualities of CBD oil usher in. Most of these skin problems are caused due to excessive sebum produced by the sebaceous glands of the body. As per this study, CBD oil interacts with the sebaceous glands of the body and inhibits them from producing sebum. The soothing effects of CBD oil on skin has also been confirmed by the University of Colorado in one of its researches.

2. It Has A Great Ability To Heal Pain

Fashion models, again suffer from a lot of body and muscle pain, from standing and walking for long hours during events and shoots. This is where the fitness component of CBD oil comes into play.

As per many studies, like this one, it has been concluded that CBD has an overwhelming ability to heal joint and muscle pain. According to The Cannabis Radar, topical CBD creams can help with severe body aches and even arthritis.

Most fashion models, and well, people in general, suffer from sore muscles and tense bodies. While it can be hard to get a full-body massage every day to get rid of this tightness and trouble, rubbing CBD cream on the painful areas can do wonders for your body in no time.

Thus, this is why a CBD-infused ointment or cream is recommended for all people that work in the fashion world and cannot take some time off for themselves to take care of the pain that has made a home in their bodies. Additionally, since it is anti-inflammatory in nature, it allows the muscles to repair themselves, which cannot come to fruition since inflammation usually inhibits body muscles to do the same. This also means that the recovery process is quick and natural, which makes CBD-infused products quite a catch for the industry people.

3.The spectacular anti-aging effects

Fashion world is all about glamour and all things beautiful. Thus, it is important to note that as a model, designer, label, or brand in this industry, it becomes your duty to look your best all the time!

How does it connect with CBD oil? Well, this miraculous product is known to have some serious anti-aging effects on people. CBD oil helps in regulating oil secretions of the skin, which directly helps in avoiding wrinkles and dry skin, even in people who have crossed a certain age.

It has been noticed many times that fashion models using CBD-infused creams and oil feel natural moisture on their skin. Many of them have also agreed that their face looks naturally fresh and their skin looks hydrated all the time. Well, that kind of answer why people in fashion are inclining toward the use of CBD oil and related products these days.

How people in fashion are using CBD oil?

Now that you are convinced of the potential of CBD oil and how it can help the fashion industry boom to unbelievable heights, it’s time to shift the focus from why to how people in fashion are and can use CBD oil. While CBD-infused beauty products have flooded the beauty market, it is about time for the fashion world to really jump the bandwagon! Well, there are still a few exceptions, such as Levi’s and Patagonia, who are already assimilating hemp in their products. However, the infusion of CBD in the apparel of brands that play big is still in infancy.

For now, the answer to how people in fashion are using CBD oil pretty straightforward – CBD-infused clothes! It is absolutely expected from every single one of you to wonder how this works, and here’s the answer to it-

  •         Fabric infusion- CBD droplets are wrapped under a polymer coating to help the apparel resist evaporation. To put it in other words, this coating creates an outer shell for CBD to protect it from natural processes of evaporation, oxidation, and contamination. These microscopic droplets are then added to the multilayers of the fabric in question via an exclusive textile finishing treatment.
  •         Skin friction – These microscopic capsules are carefully placed in various layers of the garment. When the body moves, it creates movement or friction, so that these droplets can easily release CBD into various muscle groups, and help the body heal.
  •         Endocannabinoid system – This is the moment where the (CBD) miracle takes place. The CBD oil interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the body that helps the body attain the state of balance, known as homeostasis.
  •         The effect of CBD usually lasts for at least 40 cycles.

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Sounds like a revolution? Well, it absolutely is. Perhaps for this very reason, Acabada, launched a limited-edition CBD-infused women’s activewear, which includes leggings, jackets, and jumpsuits. Each of these activewear contains zero THC and up to 25 grams of 99.9% pure CBD.

“As more people become aware of the benefits of CBD, especially related to recovery, we think our market will continue to grow and we really won’t have to explain to them what CBD does. That’s a very attractive part of our proposition,” said Seth Baum, the CEO of the active sportswear.


With time, more people and brands are expected to understand the benefits of wellness and natural health and include CBD-infused products in their clothing. These clothes are recommended for anyone who wants to relieve themselves from pain, inflammation, insomnia, or simply want to improve their life. While the rest of the fashion world is expected to step up, some of the labels are already doing a great job in bringing CBD-infused apparel to the real world and we can’t wait to see the unraveling of the same in the future. Protection Status

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