Cashmere – The Perfect Winter Warmer

Cashmere – The Perfect Winter Warmer

Winter is upon us, the leaves have dropped, the days are shorter and the winter coats have been dusted off.  The change in weather means that sweaters are making a come back, after having been in hiding in the backs of wardrobes during the long summer days.

Hashtag Collective Milo Cashmere Collection

With that said, Hashtag Collective have the perfect winter warmer.  The new Cashmere Milo sweater collection is a great addition to your wardrobe this winter. Made in Scotland, Hashtag Collective sweaters are the ideal quality garments to inject a touch of luxury into your wardrobe.  With four colours (Burgundy, Navy, Charcoal and Grey) in the Milo range, there is a colour to suit all occasions and moods.  The Milo collection is great worn as a casual sweater or dressed up as part of a more formal outfit.

The History of Cashmere

Cashmere is the downy undercoat grown by goats in extreme climates, with a majority of cashmere coming from Inner Mongolia.  It is said that the cream of the crop is sent to Scotland to be refined and produced into the quality garment that is known to be.  This is often why Cashmere from Scotland is often considered to be at the top end of the quality spectrum.

The Finest Cashmere

It is the unique and sumptuous qualities of Cashmere that make it such a sought after fibre. Cashmere is considered as a luxury item, as it is known to be soft to touch, lightweight and durable.  It offers great insulation and is warm in winter and cool in spring. The Hashtag Collective cashmere collection is made of only the very finest cashmere to achieve garments of exceptional lightness, softness, warmth and durability. After all an outstanding garment demands raw materials of the highest quality.

Expert Craftsmanship

Whilst advanced technology is utilised, we still place value on the traditional skills and knowledge.  Ultimately it is this craftsmanship that ensures the Hashtag Collective garments are unrivalled in consistency of quality.

The Gift of Cashmere

Cashmere is great for gifting to others or as a treat for yourself.  So why not opt for a cashmere sweater this winter for luxury, softness and style that goes hand in hand.

The Milo collection retails at £250 a unit and is available now at



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