Trouser Fits – Our Top Tips

Trouser Fits – Our Top Tips

The humble trouser can be a lifesaver. A good pair can rescue your wardrobe from image fatigue and revive co-ordinates with a fresh new look. If your existing trousers look tired or the denim jeans are dodgy and especially if your shorts are saggy lets have a look at what works for autumn and winter.

The Straight Approach

If you no longer have the svelte model figure or your thighs are turning into locomotive pistons, it may be a good idea to ditch skinny fit jeans for the straight leg of more ample proportions. Straights are sensible for pairing with a blazer and open-necked shirt and the look can be one of quality and class. Men who don’t think twice about diving into the next big thing can frequently be hesitant about straight leg trousers fearing they may make the owner look dated and frumpy.

This is just not the case providing you choose quality straight leg jeans with oversized tees, hoodies and bomber jackets that make you look and feel great. Straight leg styles are a firm favorite whatever and do not be afraid to team up smart straight trousers with Stan Smiths, a coordinating blazer and a laid back button-down shirt.

Skin Tight Might

There are enough horror stories of both sexes roaming the streets in skinny jeans as a quick look around any city will reveal (in more ways than one!), so its best to explore the basics here.If you are already blessed with a slight build it’s worth knowing your true size so that you don’t bring much more unwelcome attention to your shape by wearing something smaller than required.

The correct fitting garment for your size should hug your lower leg and thigh without pinching. If you’re determined to follow the look through then Balmain and Saint Laurent houses have narrow cuts that maintain style without you looking like a Unicef poster.

Sporty N’ Spiced

The sporting style in fashion continues unabated with sport-luxe inspired creations becoming accepted as normal for office wear and casual looks. Designers such as Nasir Mazhar is developing styles with sport-inspired themes including the tapered jogger and pushing them center field. Tapered Joggers can be worn with a quality sneaker and oversized shirts for a fresh, current look or even a splendidly sharp button-down shirt pimped up with a classic overcoat, a sort of ‘pimp your hide’ (Groan!)

Big Leggy

Wide-legged trousers are filtering down the fashion food chain thanks to talented folks like Craig Green who has seen the potential and incorporated them into his collection. The design makes a bold statement and while the trousers are the focal point to keep the other sartorial elements less visible to the eye. Flared variants will help the beanpoles among us look good while those blessed with larger thighs should hit the tapered, wider leg style and enjoy the confidence of some well-deserved attention for their fashion savvy.







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