Double - Breasted Jackets For Men

Double Breasted Blazers

It’s official. It’s very cold right now and it is Winter but before we know it, Spring will be here and we want to be the men on the streets that know how to dress so here are your top tips on men’s fashion this spring.

Double breasted blazers are officially back in! If you’ve got one in the back of your cupboard, fish it out and wear it with pride. If you haven’t, you should invest in one. Fielding and Nicholson have a wide array of cloths and linings and the clothiers there will help you choose the best design for you.

Floral prints are also in. Whether it’s bright or pastel coloured, it doesn’t matter, as long as it goes with the rest of your outfit! This isn’t just for shirts, there will also be many sightings of floral blazers.

White is the new big thing. White cars have made a resurgence in the last 3 years and now it seems that white suits are doing the same. If you’re prone to spilling your coffee, you might want to start drinking it through a flask. On the colour chart, it seems that there will be a wide scale of blues, yellows and orange. This fits in well with the floral theme and adds a dash of excitement to an otherwise plain outfit. So there you have it. Some top tips on what’s to come in the near future!

Double - Breasted Jackets For MenDouble - Breasted Jackets For MenDouble - Breasted Jackets For Men