Daddy Cool – Bring Out the Cool Dad In You

Daddy Cool – Bring Out the Cool Dad In You

In the spirit of Father’s Day fast approaching, here’s something for you cool dads out there! Just because the days get busy and messy, it doesn’t mean that you have to look like a hot mess with your adorable little ones in tow. If moms can look good, you can, too! The good news is that you don’t even have to try too hard to make this possible.

Surely, your kids are your reason for living. At the very least, you’ll want to be the best dad possible for them. In this pursuit, therefore, it means not just providing for them, playing with them, and loving them, but also looking good! Don’t walk into their school wearing yesterday’s house clothes.

Are you ready to be that cool dad that you’ve always wanted to be? Here are some tips for you to follow.

Daddy Cool

Daddy Cool. You may have heard of this term very so often before, but what is this term?

How many times do we see fashion magazines showing famous daddies with their children? The fact they are famous, good looking and well dressed and still be able to do the parenting with their children gives them some coolness, hence the term Daddy Cool. When you picture them out, it’s like they’re walking out straight off a GQ cover, or a parenting magazine catalog.

Why are these dads referred to as “cool”? Here’s some good news for you.  Single fathers and fathers in relationships, women, and wives love Daddy Cool. You’re sure to turn some eyes around when you push that pram, or have your kids in tow, looking like a mess – but a hot mess at that.

Quote from Gracie Opulanza: How appealing is it to see a well-dressed man pushing a pram while holding his child and buying a bunch of flowers. Nothing short of drop-dead gorgeous.

Why Do Women Like Daddy Cool?

  • You’re – The fact you have children means you are fertile and you like children.
  • You have a caring attitude – you display your parenting skills in public.
  • You care about how you look and also how your children look.
  • Wives or future partners to be, love to show off their cool hubby.

Why Do Your Children Like Daddy Cool?

  • Peer pressure is the main reason. Children like their parents to be cool and look great in front of their peers.  There is nothing worse than a dad picking them up from school in front of their friends wearing trainers and a t-shirt with holes. Yes, you can still dress up in a casual and relaxed manner, but at least give it a little bit more effort and thought.

Tips To Be Daddy Cool

Okay, we might not be that famous sports star or movie star but that does not mean we can’t be daddy cool.

  • T-shirts – Make sure there’s no food stains or holes in what you wear. It shows you’re not coping at all. Even when you may be going through tough days in your marriage, work, or parenting, don’t let your kids see that you aren’t coping. This can have a negative impact on children.
  • Hair – No exceptions, ditch the “just got out of bed” look or had no sleep. It displays your reality at home. Fake it, comb your hair.
  • Jeans – Update your jeans. It states a lot about who you are and that you do care about how you look.
  • Shoes – Ditch the university trainers and buy a pair that states who you are now as a man and a dad.
  • Accessories – Hats are a perfect way to display daddy cool. They are a way to hide how knackered you are. Wear either a watch or a bracelet. It shows you are very organized.
  • Sunglasses – Perfect cool accessory to hide away from how you feel and look.
  • Man’s bag – Don’t turn up with your partner’s bag, get your own. It’s a perfect hiding place for nappies and you can store your gadgets in there. This shows you care about your appearance and you love being a dad.
  • Single dads – Do the above and you won’t be single for too long.


Parting Words

With all these tips in mind, you’re now ready to step out into a brand-new day of being daddy cool! Many of the common examples of daddy cool would include being a dad, loving your child, and spending as much time as you can. These are more than enough to fit the description. Beyond just that, you can take it up a notch further, too. Start by being inspired by these tips!

Your kids notice what other dads are wearing. Make sure they’re proud of how you look. Make your kids feel that even when things are out of control, you still have everything put together because you’re super daddy cool.



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