Scaramouche and Fandango – Review Of Grooming Products

Scaramouche and Fandango – Review Of Grooming Products

Scaramouche & Fandango

Scaramouche & Fandango is a company that produces a range of high quality body and skincare products for men in the UK. The focus of the company is to create a range that is not confusing, good in quality and has an accessible price. The range can be purchased online and in over 100 retail stores throughout the UK, including John Lewis, Selfridges and Ocado.

For the last week I have been reviewing the “Full Works” which includes 6 products and comes in a nice wash bag. The kit costs £40 and has the following products:

  • Sc – Shaving cream (100 ml)
  • Fs – Facial Scrub (100 ml)
  • Hy – Hydrator (100 ml)
  • Bw – Body Wash (200 ml)
  • Sh – Shampoo (200 ml)
  • Cd – Conditioner (200 ml)

Full Works – All the essential for a great grooming experience

I have also been reviewing the latest addition to the product line which is the 4-in-1 “Sw Sports Wash”.

The first thing that I loved was the design of the tubes which is a stylish matte black with 2 big bold letters indicating the product that you are using, so no confusion here. The back of the tube has a QR code that allows you to reorder the product, which I found very nifty.

The Shaving & Skin Routine

First I tried the shaving and skin routine by using the Shaving Cream first followed by the Face Scrub and finishing it of with the Hydrator. All three products use Chronodyn which is a proven ingredient to help firm and tone the skin to fight against the signs of fatigue.

Shaving Cream – This is a non foaming shaving cream enriched with Guava extract to protect from razor burn. Shaving was perfect leaving me with a smooth skin and no cuts or irritation.

Face Scrub – What I liked about using the face scrub was that it had the right texture to scrub. It did not feel too rough and it also did not feel too watered down to not scrub at all, it felt perfect. The face scrub uses a combination of micro beads and prickly pear extract to exfoliate the skin. My skin felt smoother and looked fresher after use.

Hydrator –  I only needed very little to hydrate the skin on my whole face. The hydrator easily goes into my skin and after being a whole day out in the sun it still feels hydrated without it looking oily or shiny. The hydrator has guava extract and energising creatine to invigorate and lock-in the skin’s essential moisture. This hydrator won recently the ‘best male skincare product’ category in the Beauty shortlist awards.

All three products make the perfect shaving and skin routine, what helps is that all of them have the same fragrance so no conflicts here.


Award winning Hydrator

The Showering Routine

Shampoo – As I have fine hair I am quite critical about shampoos due to most of them being to aggressive leaving my hair dry and brittle. This shampoo is not like that at all and is very gentle, leaving my hair looking shiny and strong. The shampoo comes with detoxing shea butter and black quinoa to remove excess oils and dirt from the hair as they soothe and soften the scalp. Keravis protein keeps the hair strong and healthy.

Conditioner – The conditioner left my hair strong, soft and smooth and is the perfect complement to the shampoo. It has keravis protein giving your hair strength and black quinoa to soften your hair. Again this is not an aggressive product so something you can use on a regular basis.

Body Wash – This product leaves your skin re-mineralised by using a combination of Brazilian papaya extract and vitamin E. You don’t need to use much to get you whole body clean and after using this I felt refreshed.

Again a very good symbioses between the three products here, with all three again having the same fragrance.

The Sports Routine

When showering after some intensive sports activity, you don’t want to bring in a whole range of products. The 4-in-1 sports wash is perfect as you can use it your hair, face, body and shaving. It may not work as well as all the individual products but it does safe you time and space. Energising caffeine extracts invigorate and the Guar Gum moisturises and conditions whilst also allowing for that perfect shave. The last I have not tried out as shaving is more for my morning routine.


Sports Wash for Body, Hair, Face & Shave

Why Choose Scaramouche & Fandango

  • Made in the UK
  • High quality and effective formulations
  • No parabens or unnecessary nasties
  • High in naturally derived ingredients
  • No testing on animals
  • Affordable pricing
  • Signature scent used across the range
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

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