Double Monk Strap Shoes – The Trend Continues

Double Monk Strap Shoes – The Trend Continues

double monks monk strap shoes for men

Double Monk Strap Shoes

We reported in the double Monk strap shoes back in May 2012 and I am noticing the trend of men wearing these shoes is getting stronger across Europe. Whether it’s the man riding his push bike in the streets of Holland or Fabrizio on his moped Rome, it’s undeniably the shoe of the year. These shoes look great with various different styles. It’s a beautiful antiqued leather made stylish shoe. So how are the “Double Monks” been worn right now?

The Top Double Monk Brand to Own

John Lobb’s William is probably the most iconic double monk and it comes in two models, I and II. William I is built from pebble grain leather, features a double sole, and is typically offered in dark brown and buffalo tan and will set you back just under £1000. William II comes in black and Parisian brown museum calf. It’s a slightly mottled, antiqued leather made by Ilcea. It also features slightly more prominent stitching on the toecap.

How to Wear the Double Monk Strap Shoes

The brown double monk is the clear favourite for men, because the colour is versatile. We have 5 Examples for you.

white pants black double breasted jacket - style - double monk strap shoes

The Italians love white pants and look how stylish it looks with the navy, double breasted jacket.


Double Monk Strap shoes in brown and blue

These Certina blue and brown double monk looks fabulous on there on own. This preppy look with the wool light grey suit just completes the style.


pulling up the socks - roll ups - double monk strap shoes

The double monk is about exploiting your socks. You need to learn how to roll-up your trousers to give it the complete finish. Go for printed or spotty socks.

grey woold pants - double monk strap shoes brown

The double monk is very popular with grey wool pants. The chosen colour seems again to be brown but grey is a perfect colour to team your monks with anything bold.

Cortina pinstripe double breasted men - sockless - double monk strap shoes

This Cortina pinstripe double breasted suit looks fantastic with sockless double-monks. Loving the charcoal shoe and I am also noticing that leaving one buckle lose also give that sleek, stylish casual touch.

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