Dress Shirt – Classic Empowering Essentials

Dress Shirt – Classic Empowering Essentials

Apart from supposedly sunnier climes, the summer brings with it a myriad of events that all affect our warm weather wardrobes; from huge sporting events such as Wimbledon (for the more formal attire) and the World Cup (for our lads about town demeanour) to more personal gatherings such as festivals and family holidays, there are a plethora of outfit choices we must consider as the nights grow longer, and hopefully, warmer.

However, the one event that seems to crop up time and again over the summer months are weddings. Be it close friends or distant relatives, it never fails to amaze me how many weddings we find ourselves at throughout the months of June, July and August; we seem to be inundated with invites the length and breadth of the country – and more often than not to foreign shores – and thus the one outfit that stands out over any other each and every summer is your wedding guest ensemble.

Greg Minnaar - Bespoke Dress Shirt by David Brooke 2014

Greg Minnaar 3 Time World Champion Down Hill Mountain Biker

Dress Shirt Style Tips

From the suit blazer to the shoes, tie to the trousers, there are many elements that must come together to make up the perfect outfit but possibly the most important is the dress shirt. It says a great deal about our character, it confirms our status as men who can look the part – even if we don’t always act it – and more importantly the plain white mens dress shirts transcend social occasions of a formal nature.

The shirt fits the spectacle of a wedding with aplomb. It’s suave, sophisticated approach – worn with a good black tie–gives off the air of a man who knows how to dress and frankly, if it’s good enough for James Bond, then it’s good enough for us all. There is nothing quite like the feeling of pulling on a new piece of clothing and better still, nothing beats the crisp, smooth feel of a good cotton dress shirt when it crosses your shoulders for the first time.

There are certain pieces us gents should always have in our wardrobes and along with a classic pair of black dress shoes, we here at MenStyleFashion know the dress shirt is uppermost in our sartorial thoughts. It simply covers every great occasion – it doesn’t matter if you are heading to your local football teams awards ceremony or the Oscars, it is simply the classic piece of elegance tinged with a sense of panache.

Wedding Attire

I have already attended two weddings this summer and with another couple to go I am thankful I invested in a new dress shirt early. Of course there are a plethora of retailers both on the high street and high end who offer a diverse range of dress shirts – collars, buttons, cuffs and stitching will always add an individuals take on the dress shirt –  but wherever you choose to shop, just ensure you own one.

There may be more adventurous items we can buy this summer but remember style never fades and never does that old adage ring truer than it does with the dress shirt.

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