Greg Minnaar Mountain Biker – Coffee Tips

Greg Minnaar Mountain Biker – Coffee Tips

Coffee culture now is a massive industry and when one can’t find a cafe they will do anything to have a caffeine fix. Greg Minnaar three-time world champion downhill mountain biker loves his coffee too. When we both realized that the tools in the kitchen were not available to us we will do anything to get a morning coffee. I am a big lover of coffee and as you will see Greg Minnaar is too. When all else fails and the coffee tools can’t be found, then Minnaar engineering goes into overdrive. Let’s see what happens in the kitchen with Greg Minnaar?

I’ll let you, the coffee jury, decide if you want to drink his coffee?

Listen to what happens at the end when Gracie tries Greg’s coffee.

I didn’t realize that today, there are a ton of models on the market that have premium features on budget prices regarding coffee makers.

“Do you want to make coffee? Check out some of these recommendations from CoffeeChannel!”

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