A Guide To Summer Hats

Yes, men are gradually more inclined now to wear hats of any kind. Far from it’s original attribute when a hat was perceived as a sign of distinction, setting the social castes apart, it still remains a piece of absolute elegance and effortless style. Hats are very much on trend for summer 2014 as they were last year, however the style of the hat were it be a fedora or a frank Sinatra inspired head piece it should always reflect a gents individuality and personal style.

The Fedora

You have probably caught a scene of Mad Men’s Don Draper throwing a fedora hat across the room and thought it’s a look worth trying out. Perhaps you envy the classic elegance of Frank Sinatra or the nonchalance of Johnny Depp in one effortless, pirate off- duty look. This style is adored by many and it involves a simple straw hat typically creased lengthwise down the crown and “pinched” in the front on both sides. Wear it with slim-fit cotton shirts, straight leg trousers and lightweight blazers. Finish the look with suede brogues and light shaded sunglasses.

Fedora hat for men summer 2014

Flat Cap

A flat cap, also going by the name of bunnet in Scotland, or duckbill is a classic piece and a great way to quickly upgrade your style if you do it right. Try a classic pattern or a plain color though, along the lines of beige, tweed or plaid. Brighter colors could make you look cheap and clownish. Pair it up with formalwear, tailored outfits and brogue shoes for a stylish night out.

Paul Newman

The Panama Hat

Also known as a toquilla straw hat, this comprises of a traditional brimmed straw hat of Ecuadorian origin featuring a center crease. Maybe you think it makes the ultimate boat look and you’re right. It’s easy to pull off, stay safe under the sun and look effortless during your summer excursions. Complete the look with your fave summer suit, Bermuda shorts, loafers and aviator sunglasses.

panama straw hat for men 2014

The Snapback

The Snapback comeback and the nineties revival is more than evident the past few years in fashion and music alike. And it seems as if the common baseball cap went from a nineties reference item to a part of an streetwear must have in no time. However, try to avoid flashy coloured and offensive logos and try to go for the authentic vintage option of a nineties cap. A simple NBA logo is a cool way to go. Also, try to keep the rest of the outfit understated, avoid baggy trousers, chains, accessories unless you want to look like an extra of a 00’s hiphop video.