Over the last ten years or so, a common myth about work-from-home men has developed into the perception of a college graduate living in his parent’s basement, gouging on cheese snacks dressed in his sweat-stained workout clothes while surfing the web in search of his dream job.


Toss out the idea of workout clothes and parental basements. Today’s young entrepreneurs are discovering that work-from-home ventures can reap excellent incomes along with the freedom of being your own boss.

More than 90% of those who are successful in this career approach, say that the most important thing you can do to make success more likely is to “dress for success”. When asked why they provided several primary changes that occur – some nearly immediately.


Mental Separation Is Important

Create a clearly defined routine that generates a mental separation between work and play. Your wardrobe is part of that routine. John Lee, an online trader with Binary Uno, started working at home after graduating from college.

When he first started working from home, he was still looking for a full time position in his field of economics. Since he would often get an email or phone call to show up for an interview with only enough time to drive to the location, he made it a daily routine to dress for a meeting.

“What I didn’t realize at the time is that I was creating a mindset that made me behave more professionally even though I was invisible to clients. Keep your sweats and jeans for household chores.”


Even though you don’t need to wear a suit in your home office, choose dress pants over jeans no matter how nice the jeans may be. If you wouldn’t go to an interview in jeans, don’t wear them during your scheduled work hours either. Choose a button front shirt instead of a polo type that would be more suitable for hanging out with friends.

For the rest of your work-at-home uniform, invest in a good black or navy blazer at least two pairs of comfortable dress shoes, three leather belts, three good silk ties and at least a dozen pairs of dark socks. A black or navy blazer and a neutral tie can be thrown on as you walk out the door. Wearing dress shoes instead of tennis shoes reminds your subconscious that you are in ‘work mode’.

In spite of the fact that you are working from home, you will find yourself out in public several times each day. Trips to the post office, the coffee shop, the library or even the grocery store puts you in contact with someone who has the potential to help your business.


Wait staff at your local restaurant or coffee shop are notoriously great at helping people to network with each other .They know each of their customers, what they do and when they are looking for a connection to grow their business.

Dropping into your local café for a snack in nice pants and a blazer sends a message of success and if you let it be known what you do, you can look forward to growing your network.