Bomber Jackets – A Must Have For 2013

Bomber Jackets – A Must Have For 2013

bomber jackets must have for 2013

Bomber Jackets

Trends, much like the changing seasons, come, go, and of course, come around again. It’s the fashion worlds way of paying homage to the past while at the same juncture tipping its spiritual hat to the modern day. This cyclical process often has us either reminiscing about those so called good old days or wondering as to why we ever wore the item in question in the first place.

One trend falling into the latter category and making a very welcome return to a high-street near you comes in the guise of the bomber jacket. McQueen, Paul Smith and major high-street retailers (including the likes of Topman Design) have produced a plethora of bombers for the coming season and frankly, you’d be a fool not to snap one up.

The bomber jacket ticks so many boxes it would be scoring A+ on every fashion exam paper up-and-down the country this summer. Ok, so maybe you won’t want to be wearing one into the office of a Monday morning, but for casual wear, this jacket really must be at the top of your wish list.

This season sees the bomber come with a modern twist: contrasting sleeves and body. Be it floral or effervescent block colouring, the fashion for 2013 is definitely veering towards more outlandish bombers, combining the classic shapes with street styles colours and vibrancy rocked by the urban youth, the new look bomber will have traditionalists aghast, and that is exactly what fashion should be doing.

For those of you less inclined to trade on the whims of fashion, preferring instead to tread a more refined path, fear not for there are still plenty of bomber jackets that will be sticking to a more subtle approach this season as the new Alexander McQueen jacket will testify.

Alexander mcQueen bomber jacket


Alexander McQueen -cable print bomber jacket

Alexander Mcqueen - Dragonfly Silk Bomber Jacket


APC Bomber Jacket - 2013


christopher shannon - bomber jacket

Dior Homme - bomber jacket


Mingili Floral Bomber Jacket


paul smith - bomber jacket

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