Men are always under pressure when it comes to their appearance, and nowhere else is this more at stake as in Dubai, where more and more high profile people or living or moving to.  It’s almost guaranteed that when you’ve finished getting dressed in Dubai, you’ll check yourself in the mirror at least one more time before leaving the house. A good sense of style in Dubai is something every man should have in his arsenal. So he can meet any occasion with confidence and ease.

Emirate men can wear the traditional dishdasha, but for others, it is not as simple, and for those, they will need a capsule wardrobe for each season, hot summer or slightly cooler winter, and they should check out for some great items and discounts. Whether you’re dressing for work or play in Dubai, here are some top tips for dressing confidently.

Dress Your Age

When choosing your outfit, keep in mind how old you are. A young man might get away wearing shorts and a t-shirt if he’s not trying to impress anyone, but if your workplace deserves respect then you should dress like someone who deserves that respect.

If that means wearing a tailored suit and shirt collars, then so be it. If you’re in your 20’s or 30’s then you can probably get away with a more relaxed appearance at work, but you still shouldn’t wear anything too casual such as denim, if it isn’t appropriate for the occasion. A middle-aged man should dress in more neutral colours and pastels, while older men should aim for darker tones and long sleeves to look professional. 

Dress your age

Dress For Your Body Shape

For this tip it does not depend so much on your age, all men have different body shapes depending on genetics. Here choose clothes that make you feel confident regardless of whether there’s extra weight on your thighs, arms or elsewhere. 

If you’re petite for example, don’t wear anything too baggy because you’ll drown in it; V-neck tops and polo shirts will make your top half look longer while skinny jeans elongate your legs. If you’ve got an oblong face shape then try wearing higher collars to balance out the width of your jawline.

Remember that dressing confidently in Dubai isn’t just about what to wear – it’s also about choosing the right clothes for your body type. For more information check out our guide: How To Dress The Male Body Shape.

Dress According To The Occasion

This tip is important to remember when you’re in a rush because it’s easy to slap on anything and call yourself “dressed”. If you want to look confident, make sure that your clothes fit the event. If you need to impress someone then iron your outfit and pair everything with neat hair and minimal accessories. On the other hand, if you’re just going shopping for groceries then don’t worry about wearing dressed up clothing. Chino’s are about letting loose and dressing comfortably! Whatever you do, don’t go out wearing your Pj’s.

Dress According To Weather

It can be hard getting dressed when we have so many different styles based on current trends, but the easiest way to determine what you should wear is by looking outside. Sometimes there’s no point thinking about what to wear if you’re just popping down the Dubai shops for half an hour. Wear shorts and maybe bring a jumper for those cold air-conditioned areas.

However, if you’re heading out in the evening in Dubai then you should dress appropriately for the weather. Winter evenings can get chilly along the coast and especially in the desert. So bring that jumper or jacket along to not be surprised.

Dubai in the evening

Dress for those colder winter evenings

Dress According To Your Personality

At this point, we’ve gone over what to wear when it comes to age, body shape and occasion but what about personality? If you’re more of an introvert then go for soft colours and simpler designs; avoid anything too loud or sparkly because they may make you feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, extroverts have a wider spectrum of options to choose from. If you prefer to be the centre of attention then go for loud prints and bright colours just don’t overdo it or else your outfit will come across as an attention-seeking gimmick.

In conclusion, dressing confidently isn’t about being trendy or following current fashion. It’s all about making you feel good. Try different styles until you find what makes you feel confident and comfortable!


With working from home over the last year and a half we have had plenty of time to rethink our wardrobes. Take a leap of faith and try new and different collections. We hope that these tips will help you feel more confident about your style and body.