Manscaping! A phrase associated with men who are seeking a more trimmed and neater look to their body hair instead of the thicker (& bushier) way nature intended.

There are over 6,000 monthly searches in the UK alone for manscaping and a whopping 100,000 worldwide, which goes to show how popular it is amongst men!

Men’s health experts at FROM MARS have shared 5 tips to ensure you manscape correctly and avoid injury!

Top 5 tips to manscaping correctly

1. Cleanliness is key

It’s important to shower before you manscape as this will not only leave you feeling clean and remove any bacteria, it will also soften the body’s hairs and make them softer to cut, which reduces the chances of any hairs pulling or getting caught in your razor.

2. Protect your skin

Some men don’t want to remove all hair and will use a trimmer, but if you want to remove all hair, then it’s important to use a shaving balm before you take a razor to your body. Not only will this ensure a smooth shave, it also lowers the chance of irritation afterwards.

3. Take your time

It’s inevitable a man will have cut himself when shaving at some point in his life, but the chances of this increase around delicate areas of the body, such as your groin. If you’re choosing to use a razor, then make sure you carry out short and delicate strokes.

4. Invest in good products

Injuries are more likely to occur when manscaping if you’re using cheap or old equipment. If you prefer to use a trimmer over a razor, then it’s worth purchasing one that has a rotating head to ensure you achieve a neat finish, whilst not feeling uncomfortable at the same time.

5. Prioritise aftercare

You’ve got the clean and tidy look you’ve been aiming for, but now it’s essential to carry out the correct aftercare. It’s important to use a balm that suits your body in order to keep the freshly shaved skin cool and less irritated, which will keep any rashes at bay.

Navin Khosla, Superintendent Pharmacist at FROM MARS has commented on the importance of manscaping correctly and what you should do if an injury occurs:

“Wanting to have minimal body hair or none at all is extremely common amongst men in today’s world and because of this, the phrase manscaping has evolved rapidly.”

“A more trimmed and tidy look to body hair is now favoured by many men and for a number of reasons, but it’s important to do this correctly as it’s very easy to cut yourself. The tips we’ve shared will hopefully help you achieve a comfortable and smooth appearance next time you manscape, but when using a razor, there is a chance that you may end up cutting yourself.”

“If you’re manscaping a delicate area of the body such as the groin and end up cutting yourself, then it’s important to not go any further and clean the affected area with water and leave it to heal for a few days. Once the cut has scabbed over, you can then carefully trim around the cut area, but we’d suggest waiting until completely healed.”