Eating Disorders are Not Just for Women


Eating disorders are not just for women! Many men experience food related problems from under eating, anorexia, controlled eating or over eating, what is often not fully acknowledged is that a persons eating disorder can be a reflection of their emotions, it’s not really about the food.  Speaking to 2 men recently about their addictions and the solutions they have found to combat their eating disorders led them to understand that their emotions, work frustrations and despair as well as obsessive thinking manifested themselves in the foods they were eating.


Men often see food addiction as a female disorder and are less likely to come forward and acknowledge eating is an addiction for them too.  This is reflected by the number of men attending programmes such as Weight Watchers and Slimming World which are mainly attended by women. If you feel you have a problem with food, one of the men I spoke to suggested discussing it with someone, ideally your GP.  There is a recovery program out there if you need one, Food Addicts In Recovery Anonymous, which is based on a 12 step programme.

It has proven to be very successful for men and women of all ages, for long-term relief from obsession and compulsion with food.  “Coming Out” and acknowledging your addiction gives you the best chance of a longer happier more fulfilling life and will help you to understand more about addiction and how it affects you.


The other guy mentioned he was in “total blindness” towards acknowledging his addiction.   As he was not experiencing large amounts of weight loss or gain but underwent a huge realisation when he discovered he actually had an unhealthy relationship with food. In his words” Upon examination there was not an ounce of care in relation to feeding myself correctly, respectfully or consistently”.  The first step is to be honest with yourself and actually admit you have a problem.

If you are reading this article and are not happy in your body for whatever reason perhaps now is the time to address how you feel.

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