Indigo Couture – T-Shirts With 4000 Year Old Roots

Indigo Couture – T-Shirts With 4000 Year Old Roots

Natural Indigo

Natural indigo is the world’s oldest dye known to men, it has a colourful history which dates back more than 4000 years. Indigo, a blue colour, is derived from the Indigofera Tinctoria plant and when used during the dye production it’s a hand-dyeing process using a product that is biodegradable and 100% sustainable. The Dyeing process is a long  one which requires cotton to be dipped into the dye vat a total of 30 times to achieve. Due to this long process most companies now use toxic synthetic indigo. Therefore the t-shirt quality is usually compromised. This is why you need to get your hands onto an Indigo t-shirt.


Indigo Couture

However Australian company Indigo Couture has decided to bring back the old natural way of dyeing in its products. The beauty of natural indigo is that it is not mass produced, it is difficult to handle in production and requires skilled hands and artisan craftsmen. This process does make it much more costly to produce, but it is worth it. Hand-dyeing with natural indigo gives the fabric slight shade variations, these hand-made imperfections make each product unique. So you’re buy something that is unique and friendly to the planet as the cotton used is 100% organic.


Currently Indigo Couture has 8 different styles of T-shirts. Some with big prints at the front or back, striped and some with no prints at all. This initial collection will give you plenty of choices to pick the perfect indigo blue style for you. All products in this collection are made in Australia and the shirts are already pre-shrunk so no nasty surprises after the first wash. Finding clothing that is made in Australia these days is not common practice.


Faded Indigo T-Shirt with no logo.


Highway rebels T-shirt – Ideal for the biker in you.

The Packaging

All shirts come in a beautiful red envelope package, making it an ideal gift for someone. Inside the envelope is the story behind natural indigo and what makes this product so special. To stay true to its environmental friendly message, the envelope is made from 100% recycled paper and the ink used is vegetable based. The shirt and the packaging gives you the true feeling of buying a quality and well made product.


Beautiful packaging gives the shirts a good quality feel. This makes it a nice present.

Where to Buy

Update (august 2019): it seems Indogo Couture has stopped trading Protection Status

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