Ego’ Boutique Hotel Venice – Grand Canal & Rialto Bridge Views

Ego’ Boutique Hotel Venice – Grand Canal & Rialto Bridge Views

When visiting Venice Italy the place to stay is on the Grand Canal with unobstructed views of the stunning Rialto bridge. The Grand Canal is the heart and soul of Venice and it is great watching to see how life works here. Having views on the grand canal allows you to understand how everything is transported throughout the city. I loved watching taxi boats and private tours on a gondola.

I was blessed to see how the Grand Canal transformed from the brightness of the day to the darkness and quietness at night.Ego Boutique Hotel venice Grand Canal Rialto bridge 2020 (5) Breakfast room grand canalEgo Boutique Hotel venice Grand Canal Rialto bridge 2020 (5) view

Ego’ Boutique Hotel Venice – Grand Canal View

I stayed in the newly refurbished Ego’ Boutique Hotel in Venice. Conveniently located I could take a taxi boat from the train station straight to the Rialto bridge. This is the perfect way to get a feel of Venice and the only way to enter.

The hotel is literally a stone throw away when you leave the boat. With direct access to the Grand Canal, this hotel is in the heart of the prime tourist must-sees attraction. And with a view of the Rialto Bridge is one of the reasons  I loved staying here.

First impressions always count and when I enter a hotel reception area, it gives me a clear message of the heart and soul a hotel can bring. The artwork on the walls combined with Murano glass chandeliers is a fantastic welcome to this hotel.

The Ego Boutique Hotel is all about mixing the traditional Venetian decor with a modern flair which is perfectly orchestrated here.

Ego' Boutique Hotel Venice - The Silk Road Review Reception

Rialto Bridge

Venice is all about fantasy and being romantic. The Rialto bridge is a place where views are to die for and been seen and taking photos on the bridge is a must. Having a hotel so close is why I could get a day and night shots minus the exhaustion.

Rialto Bridge Ego Boutique Hotel venice Grand Canal Rialto bridge 2020 (9)

At night it is refreshing to take a shot of the bridge from the hotel when no one is on the bridge.

Rialto Bridge Venice

Shopping and Piazzo San Marco

Walking around Venice is stunning but it is also exhausting. By staying here you can walk to Piazza San Marco which is very close.  You can then explore the small boutiques for shopping in Venice which is unique. Come back to Ego Boutique Hotel, rest, shower, and go out again. During the heat of the summer, this is a luxury bonus regarding proximity.

Piazza San Marco

You want to stay in the heart of the city. Being able to sit watching the life of Venice go by on this grand canal balcony is another reason to book a stay here.

Ego' Boutique Hotel Venice - The Silk Road Review

Dining Area

This dining area is a public space where I could watch the traffic float pass. It is a perfect area to have a wine or a glass of Bellini to take in the atmosphere of Venice. There is a large Nespresso coffee machine in the dining area which gives out brilliant coffee. I loved sitting here for hours and again why one should stay here.

Ego Boutique Hotel venice Grand Canal Rialto bridge 2020 (5) Breakfast room

The interior designs throughout the hotel are brand new. With attention to detail regarding art, furniture, and ambience. This created the perfect balance of understanding and experiencing how people once lived in this 1000-year-old city and still live.

When in Venice you want to stay in hotels that still have and preserve the original interior decor. Ego Boutique is that hotel.

Ego Boutique Hotel venice Grand Canal Rialto bridge 2020 (5) Breakfast room

The frescoes on the wall are about highlighting the adventures of Marco Polo and his exploration here when arriving in Venice.

Marco Paolo Ego’ Boutique Hotel Venice Grand Canal italy venice menStyleFashion (2) corridor

I am a big fan of the traditional flooring and the Murano chandeliers situated in many different designs throughout the hotel.  If you want to purchase any just ask at reception. When in Venice go to the island of Murano.

Murano Glass Ego HOtel venice Italy

Room Suite Decor

Ego Boutique Hotel is about a romantic stay. There are many double rooms to choose from to create a role-play, of feeling prestigious. The Imperial Suites is available in the former Noble residence of Palazzo Bembo.

Just take a look at the beautifully restored ceiling. When I lied on the bed closed my eyes then opened them. It was a reminder of how opulent and rich Venice is.

Noble residence of Palazzo Bembo Ego Hotel Venice italy imperial room 2020

I could role-play and dress up in this room all year round.

Ego Boutique Hotel Venice Imperial Suite 2020

There are other suites with a modern flair to it. The restoration of the wooden exposed beams is part of what Venice homes were created for.

Luna Suite Ego Boutique

Hall Way

Take the time to explore and understand what Ego Boutique Hotel history is all about. The map of the silk road is very interesting to read about. Throughout the hotel there are atelier works of art one can buy.

I liked the African glass art musical feature valued at 37,000 euros tucked away safely in the corner.

Ego Boutique Hotel venice Grand Canal Rialto bridge 2020 (5) silk road map

Lamborghini Deluxe Room

I adored the name of my room called Lamborghini. The interior design here was all about the modernity of the Italian decor. The wallpaper in this room had metal colours which were very edgy in design. This combined with the leather accents especially the curvacious Bedhead. Is an example of conveying a modern 2020 take of Venice.  Which is all about comfort, style with modern facilities.

There is a real masculine atmosphere to this room and a resemblance to the luxury Lamborghini car.  There are no cars here in Venice.  So the famous gondolas that I watched from the side balcony windows are the replacement “Lambos” of the city.

I had small balcony access which allowed me to peek at all the gondola’s going by on the canal San Salvador.

Lamborghini Room Canal San Salvador canal

I sat outside on the tiny balcony and loved the sound of the gondola touring through the canal San Salvador.

The Bed

This 25sqm bedroom with a king-size bed was stylish and very comfortable. The bed linen felt crisp and very snugly. I liked the logo emblem of the Ego Boutique Hotel on the pillows. The lighting was very relaxing and the black Murano glass chandelier was modern a nice piece of resourceful modern art.

Lamborghini Room

The bedhead was very different and quirky. Once again reminding me that I was in Italy.

Lamborghini Room

The huge TV with access to Netflix again gives a modern touch to my stay.

The working desk was suitable to get on with some writing. The little boxes and drawers were the perfect storage for my jewellery. I like to keep my desk clean.Lamborghini Room

The sanitizer bottle made out of imitation wood was very stylish. The Covid 19 sanitizer complimentary mask was a kind message to wear the mask when possible. Again I loved the Murano glass plate it was placed on.

This room has been well thought out and the attention to detail was very thorough.

Venetian Flooring And Door

The fact they highlighted and restored the flooring was a clear reminder of where I was staying. The floor pattern is typically found here in Venice.  Make sure when you enter the room to feel the bulging floor. Venice is a city on water and it is slowly sinking nothing is straight when it comes to flooring let alone doors.

The crooked doors can only be found here in Venice. Take time to realise that it is not straight, due to the movement of the building over a period of one thousand years. It is a common challenge in Venice, to make sure that these doors can be opened and shut.

Lamborghini Room Ego HOtel Venice

Coffee And Tea

The variety of coffees and teas were excellent. I am a big fan of Nespresso coffee machines and it was good to see one over here. It is very unusual for Italy to have access to so much tea variety with a dedicated funky kettle. The mini bar had plenty to choose by and again it was nicely tucked away.

Lamborghini Room Lamborghini Room


I loved the decor of the bathroom with its pink sparkly walls. The bathroom offered everything one needs for a super comfortable stay. The toilet button takes a tad to find but that is all part of the adventure. The double shower had excellent water pressure. The towels were super fluffy and large. Both items including the bathrobes by Frette and Hermès Amenities worked well in this hotel.

If you have forgotten your toothbrush there are spares here for use. I liked the Murano glass soap and amenities plate. I have never seen red slippers in a hotel before, this was a nice touch.

Bathroom Ego’ Boutique Hotel Venice Grand Canal italy venice menStyleFashion (8)


In speaking to owner Ekaterina Tchakarova, I was impressed to hear that this building was empty for six years. They decided to take over and restore it to its former glory teaming it with modern decor. I was surprised to hear that they restored this hotel within a four months period. Their love for interior design, hospitality alongside her talented husband Gregory, is why this family-run hotel made my stay very personal. I liked how they chose to work with local builders and ateliers with regards to the whole restoration of the hotel.

Ego’ Boutique Hotel Venice is the perfect place to stay if you are looking to book a hotel on the Grand Canal. Regarding social distancing, breakfast is served within the rooms. The staff’s attention to detail with regards to Covid-19 sanitary measures makes this a safe stay after the lockdown measures easing. With a decor and view of the Rialto bridge, it has to be my best stay here so far in Venice. If you are looking for photo opportunities this is the place to do it.

Due to the size of this boutique hotel. This would be a great stay for booking the whole hotel as a family or for the need of a small event or photoshoot. When in Venice it is always about role play. Come stay and play.

Ego' Boutique Hotel Venice Stetson hat 2020 summer Italy redGracie Opulanza Art head peice ego hotel 2020 venice Italy


  • Room reviewed: Lamborghini Deluxe Room
  • Website:
  • Address: San Marco, Riva del Carbon 4794, 30124 Venice, Italy
  • Phone: +39 041 6399 882

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