Things You Should Know Before Getting a Cat

Things You Should Know Before Getting a Cat

Cats are our favourite domestic companion and have been ever since we first domesticated them as our helpers to keep our homes rodent-free. Although we rarely use them for these purposes in the modern world, we still keep them as pets due to their adorable nature. However, despite what many people think, cats do take a fair bit of looking after and in some cases are not suitable due to the fact that they can provoke allergies. If you are thinking of getting a cat it is important that you do your research, so here we are going to discuss everything that you should know before you head out to buy your first cat.

They Are Not Cheap

Cats may be adorable but they are not cheap. They require feeding daily (despite the fact they seem to be out hunting all day!) and vets bills can be expensive. Furthermore, when they are kittens they will need entertainment so you will most likely be bringing home many cat toys that they will promptly destroy. So remember, it is certainly not a barrier to getting a cat, but it will cost you money, so make sure you can afford it within your budget.

Fortunately, a lot of the vet-associated costs can be significantly reduced with pet insurance like Bivvy.

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Cats Like to Sleep

If you expect to be able to play with your cat when you please them you will be badly mistaken because cats spend a good part of their day fast asleep, and in some of the strangest places imaginable. If you have lost your furry friend, then most likely it will be curled up in the laundry, or at the foot of your bed, or in your golf bag, or in the washing machine. Literally, they will sleep anywhere that they feel safe, so make sure you check the washing machine next time you put a load of clothes on!

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They Like to Be Pampered

Like most human beings cats love being the centre of attention and adore being pampered. It is entirely possible to let your imagination go wild as there are tons of resources when it comes to finding the right treatment for your cat, whether it is something edible, something to play with, or a comfy rug for them to curl up asleep on. So, go on, spoil your cat and turn it into the king or queen it deserves to be.

They Are Independent

Cats are fiercely independent, and if you have ever heard of the phrase “like herding cats” then you will know what I’m talking about. They will do what they like when they like, and there is no point in trying to change this, it will be a futile exercise. They expect to eat when they want to, hunt when they want to, and receive attention when they want it. They are your master and you should never forget it! At the same time, this is an utterly adorable personality type, that will have you enamoured with them for many years to come. If you want to travel with your cat and keep it dependent on you make sure to invest in a cat backpack.

They Will Scratch

Cats have razor-sharp claws as these are an important part of their arsenal when hunting and also when climbing trees. Accordingly, your feline friend needs to keep them nice and sharp so they will make use of any wooden furniture in your house as a scratching post. If you don’t want to find your finest Chippendale furniture covered with deep scratch marks then it is advisable to invest in a scratching post that they can use to sharpen their talons.

Cats Can Provoke Allergic Reactions

As lovely as they are, cats are not for all people because they can provoke allergic reactions. Many people believe that it is their long hair that causes these reactions when in fact it is actually their urine, the skin they shed, and their saliva that provokes allergies in most people. If you fall into this category there is not much that you can do, so it is best to think about another pet, perhaps even a cat’s worst enemy – a dog!

They Are Very Clean

When your cat is not sleeping or hunting, it will most likely be grooming itself. That’s right, whenever you see them licking themselves they are having the equivalent of a human bath, so don’t make fun of them! It is actually in your interests as they will not bring detritus from outside into your home which will help to keep it spotlessly clean.

As we have learned it is important to do your research before getting a cat, as they will be with you for the next 20 years. Make sure you can afford it, and understand their personalities as they will be your owner, not the other way around. Pamper them when they require it, but let them out to hunt and blow off steam and they will return home looking for a little bit of love that you just can’t wait to give them. Protection Status

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