Elevate Your Style With A Custom Suit

Elevate Your Style With A Custom Suit

A custom suit is a level up in every category of quality from your ordinary off the rack garment. The difference in comfort varies in degree when choosing between off the rack, made to measure and bespoke suits.

Made to measure suits provide a closer fit and a higher level of comfort in a suit. The reason being is that they are not assembled without sizing every component to your body. When you decide on a specific design of the suit, the tailor will go through a checklist of options to customize your suit. You have the choice of fabric from a select number of mills but the selection is limited to the mills designated by the designer. The standard checklist for items you can customize will include the number of buttons on the jacket, vent options, pleats or cuffs on the pants.

When you’ve made all of your selections, your measurements are taken and the components of the suit will be sized, cut and assembled according to your specifications. The suit is cut and assembled within two to four weeks. You will be called in for a final fitting and although most tailors will boast they will do it two fittings, there is always the chance a third is required should you or the tailor be unhappy with any particular aspect of the suit.


Bespoke Suits

Bespoke suits are the final stop when it comes to quality and comfort. A bespoke tailor like Alan David Custom is required to make this type of suit because they are the only ones skilled enough to design the suit patterns from scratch. You will need to go through much of the same process as made to measure but be prepared to double the effort and time spent to walk away in your bespoke suit.

The options for customization include a larger range of possibilities in the design of your suit. There are no limits when it comes to designing your style and although your tailor will run through a very similar set of options in customizing a made to measure suit, you are free to add to any aspect or feature that you feel will improve the look and feel of your ensemble.

Everything is more detailed when you make your suit bespoke. You will need to make decisions on all customizable options as well as go through a rigorous series of measurements. Designing a bespoke suit will require the tailor to measure the angles and postures of your body that will make the suit more comfortable to wear. There are at least 20 measurements that are needed to make the jacket and between five and eight to make the trousers.

At least three or four more fittings will be required to get the measurements extremely exact. The result is a suit with a superior fit that will last a lifetime. When you are in a rush, you may have to make do with an off the rack suit, but when you have the luxury of time a bespoke suit is the way to go. For those who require the best of both worlds, the made to measure suit bridges the gap in efficiency, quality and comfort.


John Ferrigamo Custom Designs is a tailor shop that makes custom suits Toronto has rated #1 in the city for over 15 years.

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