Met Gala Ball 2021 – Luxury Fashion Brands Portraying Men As Women

Met Gala Ball 2021 – Luxury Fashion Brands Portraying Men As Women

As the owner of MenStyleFashion, I was in anticipation to see at this Met Gala ball what men were going to be wearing?  Do men need to be portrayed as women by wearing our clothes?  I am very mindful of the new terminology plastered on Tick Tok, Instagram and every social media regarding men. It is for this reason top influences were invited.

But why are Chinese investors allowing men to wear women’s clothes? Most of the luxury fashion houses are funded by China. I can assure you, it’s against the law in China for men to be wearing high heels, skirts let alone a women’s handbag.

Why are men dressing in women’s clothing? I call it “Girly menswear”

The Met Gala ball is a publicity stunt to get the world talking about men wearing women’s clothing. We all had a good laugh sadly at the expense of men.

The Tik Tok influences were there in fine form. It goes to show the shift of fashion marketing is not Vogue anymore. As people are ditching fashion and buying furniture. Anna Wintour had to come up with the idea of pushing women’s clothes on men. To empower who?

Showcasing they are weak. Fashion houses are on a dangerous path to make men seem weak and hopeless.

Define The Gender Agenda Balance?

Today’s youth, Generation Z, will be in charge of defining the future of masculinity. Today’s young male personalities like, Harry Styles, Jaden Smith and Lil Uzi Vert, who often dress in skirts and feminine blouses are more open to gender and sexual fluidity.

More so than the previous generation of millennials. Let’s get real in the world of luxury fashion marketing for Met Gala Ball 2021. These guys have been invited as Hollywood’s marketing tools to get men to buy into luxury fashion. It’s nothing to do with the mental health of the average guy.

What is the hidden agenda here for men tonight? Simple, gay men being eccentric! Nothing new here as gay men are much more conscious of their images. They spend the most on luxury clothing. Also, most gay men don’t have kids. Kids are expensive.

I am a mum, I could have bought a $1million home so far on the cash I spent on my teenage kids.


An image of two men kissing? Is it targeting men of all genres here tonight? Does it represent the THEY movement? NO. Why is China investors allowing this?

Our Ladies Aren’t Dressing Like Men

All the women in the public eye tonight like, Jennifer Lopez. Bille Eilish, Kim Kardashian and Emily Blunt all looking and representing what we ladies are amazing at. Wearing dresses, skirts and high heels.

Me tGala Ball 2021 - Men You Should Be Insulted!

You can read why men wore high heels in the first place way before women. His high heels are lawfully uncomfortable to wear.

Why is the Met Gala Ball going out of the way to highlight men wanting to wear high heels? The luxury fashion brands have to target the pink money.  So what do luxury fashion houses do? They put men in women’s clothing.  I have been to New York, I never saw men dressing in high heels, skirts or dresses.

The men tonight that wore women’s clothing were pushing the LGBTQ agenda. The Met Gala ball is not being diverse at all.

Trust me, most men are not buying into wearing women’s clothing.

Show Casing Tailoring For Men

What an opportunity missed. This is the platform to showcase men’s tailoring at its best. Or in the case like Dolce & Gabbana

What an amazing gold cape Lil Nas X wore.  This is all about a wonderful message of discrimination. The cape shielding his history of bullying in the past. The message is a call to action and a clear message with a purpose.

Lil Nas X told a three-part LGBTQ+ American fairytale with his look for the 2021 Met Gala. He arrived on the red carpet in a dramatic cape that exudes regality and represents concealing one’s true self. The cape was then shed to reveal gleaming Medusa-adorned armour, a symbol of protection from the prejudices faced as a Black, queer person. Finally, the armour is removed to reveal a skin-tight bodysuit that represents living life as your true, unguarded self.

Men unguarded are not wearing this. I know many gay men, they don’t walk around wearing clothing like this. Not even at luxury events.  

Black men, in general, get bullied too.


This outfit below has been so worn by every gay man I have met at fashion weeks, since 2012. Is this all the designer could come up with?

Me tGala Ball 2021 - Men You Should Be Insulted!.

Why Do Scottish Men Wear Kilts?

The kilt represents a form of heritage dress and is a way for you to proudly regard your Scottish heritage. For men in Scotland, the kilt represents a group they belong to, such as a military regiment, pipe band or another group. Indeed, the kilt has traditionally been worn as a military uniform for centuries.
Notice for whatever reason historically men wearing skirts was about combat, fighting and aggression. And comfortable as their balls were left loose. No underpants were worn at the time. Men don’t squat to pee. Unlike the world of fashion in 2021, portraying men wearing skirts. Is it empowering them?

The Psychological Impact Of This Ideology

The “traditional masculinity ideology” has been very detrimental to the health, both mental and physical of men, according to the American Psychological Association. They would argue that “Men who adhere to traditionally masculine cultural norms, such as risk-taking, violence, dominance, the primacy of work, need for emotional control, desire to win, and pursuit of social status, tend to be more likely to experience psychological problems such as depression, stress, body image problems, substance abuse, and poor social functioning”.

How Do Men Re-interpret Themselves?

Will this outfit below make a man less aggressive? Will it inspire men to fight depression and body image?

Most men are plus-size in America, New Zealand, Europe and Australia so this guys influence is not diverse enough.

None of these men tonight come remotely close to how men feel. Luxury fashion houses is closed-minded using thin and the same men targeting the pink money.Me tGala Ball 2021 - Men You Should Be Insulted!

Where were the plus-size Americans tonight? I am grateful for the social media influences for men that have a much more yearly impact. Compared to Anna Wintour and who laughing stock of men wearing women’s clothes. It’s a vulgar message for men. Showcasing they are weak. Fashion houses are on a dangerous path to make men seem weak and hopeless. Leave women’s clothing for us, including high heels.

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