Elliot Rhodes Belts & Buckles – Harrods Launch Event

Elliot Rhodes Belts & Buckles – Harrods Launch Event

Elliot Rhodes Belts & Buckles

Elliot Rhodes is a concept created out of a passion for belts. Elliot Rhodes clearly shows that a belt is not only a vital accessory but also a highly personal one.  Elliot Rhodes’s goal is to elevate the status of the belt from being an afterthought to being a key to dressing with taste, elegance, style and individuality.

Its aim is simple – to help our customers find a belt strap that suits whatever outfit they may choose to wear and then, to help them find one or more buckles that can make that belt as versatile as possible and above all a truly individual piece created for them alone.

Unique Interchangeable System

The clever and unique interchangeable system allows the customer to switch buckles at will, giving them the option to continually modify their belt to suit any number of different occasions. As you would also expect of a specialist store, all of the belts are custom fitted to ensure a precise fit. Alterations can be made while you wait, so that you can walk away with a belt that fits exactly as it should.

Elliot Rhodes Collection

The collection is nothing short of belt heaven. The buckles to choose by are so vast, it is fantastic. They are beautifully displayed and make choosing the buckle that represents you easy. The popular belt that men buy over and over is the unique gorgeous blue leather belt. The clever funky belt buckle attached to it just completes this funky look.

My favourite, that has just been released, is the aviator buckle which could be worn by both men and women. You can find this buckles now at a dedicated store within Harrods. The skull head variety is slick, invigoratingly refreshing and comes in various shapes and sizes.

Elliot Rhodes – the Men Himself

I had the pleasure to meet Elliot Rhodes at the  Harrods concession opening.  There was no denying he knew his target market and what men want when it comes to buckles and belts. Elliot is keen to keep his company small, maintaining high quality products by creating what men are looking for. This is why this company is so successful. He clearly understands that men want a store that is quick to offer a variety of unique belts and buckles with a difference.

So men what are you waiting for? Us women do judge a man by the belt and buckle he wears. Head down to Elliot Rhodes and we would love to see what you bought. Email us your images and we shall post them on our facebook page for the fashion jury to see.


New release at Harrods


Bullet design belt buckle


Unique variety styles of skull head buckles


The most popular buckle colour and design sold for men


How gorgeous is this buckle


Religious designs always stay in vogue


Clever Channel influence design


Gem stones inspired buckles look great with jeans


Elliot Rhodes wearing one of his latest designs. Buckles can funky up your suit image.

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