Men, most of the time, don’t ponder on the style they want to go with or make an effort in putting it together precisely. They may not be as quick fashion-minded as ladies are so they aren’t able to get the right look for an occasion. True, some guys have good taste, so they are able to clean up well but don’t certainly know if they are following the right fashion rules and matching the right stuff or not. And this can be damaging for sophisticated occasion needs.

Belts are an essential part of men’s attire. They help define a look. A belt is a piece of garment that completes outfits and helps make statements. Unfortunately, boys are seen misusing this piece of an ensemble by not wearing it to acquire the maximum of its potential. So here are a few causal belt rules you need to know about to smarten up fittingly for like events.

Go Matchy-Matchy

Yes, matching stuff in your outfit is good to have a clean and simple look, but make sure not to go overboard and try to match everything. It is the rule that your shoes, excluding every other garment, should match or contrast the casual belt. For instance, a dark-colored belt, like black, will go well with dark shoes and vice versa. Moreover, the buckle of the belt should match the strap on your loafers to make a statement look.

Essential Tips for Wearing Men's Casual Leather Belts

Choose Buckle Wisely

There are several shapes and sizes belt buckles come in, and while it depends on your choice and liking to what fastener you want to go with for an event, there are a few rules to follow. So when it comes to belt buckles, they can look really out of place if they are too huge or don’t go with anything you’re wearing. This implies that you should at least match a watch or ring if not shoe fastenings to your buckle.

There are different types of belt buckle designs, and for casual belts, there aren’t many restrictions in wearing them. But validate that the style of buckle you wear suits your overall outfit like how biker buckles won’t look good on simple pair of jeans and a tee.

Crystal encrusted frog buckle from Elliot Rhodes

Crystal encrusted frog buckle from Elliot Rhodes

Contemplate Quality

A belt is an apparel that is used to provide class and excellence to a look. It can help you doll up nicely for any occasion, as trifling as going to a neighbourhood party. But that is only possible if the strap is excellent and reliable quality. Bad quality belts wear out easily, don’t have the shine or ring to them, and form cracks quickly. Always strive to have an excellent collection of straps so that they can complement the rest of the outfit to look versatile as well. Buy your belts from responsible places like ones we found on this site where straps are equally stylish and good quality.

Take Care of Size and Length

Casual leather belts can be worn on any occasion except for the highly formal. When looking for these belts, find sizes of 1.5 and 1.75 inches in width. These are the width of casual straps that go in jeans or casual pants. And as for the length, this rule can go for both formal and informal belts that the strap should be long enough to go under the first loop smoothly, and the tip must settle down on the second one after the buckle. It shouldn’t be shorter or longer than that.