Latest Hairstyles for Men – By Selfridges Staff

Latest Hairstyles for Men – By Selfridges Staff


Latest Hairstyles for Men

Selfridges London is a department store that certainly leads the way in established and up and coming trends. When it comes to male hair is it a love or hate relationship?

Research from Gillette Shavecare reveals that British men are finally realising the importance of good grooming.

  • 92% of men feel good skin care boosts their confidence and performance
  • 50% of men already moisturise everyday as part of their beauty regime
  • Two thirds of men feel comfortable using grooming products in the changing room in front of their friends.

Research also shows that men will prioritise good grooming ahead of eating out (43%), the latest gadgets (38%) and clothes (18%).  35%  of men voted Hugh Grant as the most wanted hair. Well life does not work like that so thank goodness for the Selfridge’s boys.

The staff here are showing us that it’s about loving your hair. They are showing men the hairstyle trends to embrace for this coming season. These guys certainly are using the right hair products for their hair.

Male grooming products have never been so hot and it is the way forward. If you want to set a trend in the men’s hair style department you’ve got to use the right products. For us women we are getting very excited about what we are seeing more and more on the high street.

Whether you have rebellious, curly or flat hair,  get the best advice for your hair. If your looking for a great hair stylist don’t be afraid to ask someone for a recommendation. Especially when hair is looking this good. Be inspired by the Selfridges staff and make an appointment for your hair cut sooner than later.


At  Christian Louboutin boutique, Zac Jessop wears it short, slick and blonde

selfridges-staff,-hairstyles,mac makeup

At Mac make up department, it’s long hair


Long hair looks great like this when, the right hair products and male grooming are used.

selfridges-staff,-hairstyles,short, mac make up

It’s all in the detail and this staff member at Mac Make up leads the way


Gorgeous teeth and smile at Bobbi Brown and the choice of  Asian hair products used here, is a clear winner


Male grooming is what will give you the hairstyle for 2012

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