Airsoft is not just a game of warfare and strategy – it’s also a fun way to stay in shape, sharpen your mind, and look cool while doing so. Plus, you have a fantastic chance to impress your friends and other players with your amazing taste in choosing stylish gear and equipment.

So, without further ado, here are the essential gear and equipment items every beginner needs and how to choose the ones that look good but don’t empty your pocket. You can visit Sniperpedia to buy the best airsoft sniper rifles.

#1: Eye & Head Protection

BBs (the ammo used in airsoft) are not strong enough to produce serious injury, but they will bruise you. Plus, there’s also a chance of wild BBs, so you have to protect sensitive parts like the eyes, teeth, ears, face, and even neck.

That’s why all airsoft fields made eyewear protection mandatory and strongly recommend players wear a helmets plus protection Airsoft Masks (full-face or partial). The good thing is that you can choose some amazing-looking designs that make you look badass from the distance.

I recommend choosing high-quality products for this category, especially if you don’t like going into work or on meetings with a bruised eye.

#2: Airsoft Guns

One of the reasons so many people want to try airsoft is the cool-looking guns available at stores such as ONLYBBGUNS. The offer is so diverse and some of the guns are so realistic that you can even find high-end collection pieces! Also, some of the most advanced airsoft guns look and feel like real-steel guns, which makes the entire experience a lot more realistic.

Still, as a beginner, it’s best to avoid investing too much in gear and equipment (at least until you make sure you want to be a long-term player). There are lots of cheap airsoft guns that look and feel good in your hands. Just make sure the specs respect your airsoft field’s requirements (many fields don’t allow powerful guns to avoid accidental injury). If you want a cheaper and safer option, then Gel Blaster has the best alternative.

#3: Gloves & Boots

If you want to look cool and intimidate other players, you have to choose a pair of high-end gloves that help protect your hands from chafing (holding an airsoft gun for a few hours is not that easy), scratches, and other accidents. Plus, if you play during the cold season, the right pair of gloves will keep you warm and protect your skin from cold and stray BBs.

The boots are also important, but you need to know if you’ll be playing indoors or outdoors (you’ll need different types of footwear). Overall, it’s important to have solid footwear that will protect your feet from stray BBs, cold, humidity, and bumping into obstacles.

#4: Body Armour and Storage

I don’t recommend going on the field in jeans and a t-shirt! That’s because your body is going to be the main target for the enemy players so there’s always a chance you’ll feel the pinch of BBs right on the skin (not fun).

Instead, looks for a lightweight vest and clothing that’s a bit thick and flexible and covers as much skin as possible. It’s important to feel comfortable and be able to move around without any hindrance.

A quick Google search for tactical airsoft clothing will provide you with a wide range of choices and styles for the best body armour plates, so you can have your pick. Also, depending on your role in the game, you may have to store ammo, grenades, and other tactical tools on you at all times. This is where special vests and belts help as they have lots of pockets and various hooks that allow you to carry everything you need.

Wrap Up

While it’s important to be stylish for all occasions, in airsoft it’s also important to put safety first. Luckily, the gear and equipment are designed to imitate the military, so it’s rather easy to look cool on the field. The only issue is choosing the right style out of such a rich offer.