Looking for a change of scenery? Moving from one place to another is not as easy as it sounds. There are many things you have to take care of before and after the move. You can find yourself overwhelmed with packing, cleaning, finding a moving company, and more. And then there’s the whole process of unpacking everything at your new home! It’s best to start preparing early if you want an easier time during the move. There are some essentials that every person should include in their checklist to make sure they don’t forget anything important on this big day! Packing essentials of a moving checklist include:

Hire a Movers & Packers

The moving checklist must include a plan for handling all the different aspects of moving. You should make note of hiring a mover and packer company. Make sure you do some research at movingastute.com to find the best moving company. Choose a company that has all the necessary licenses and certifications, good customer service, competitive pricing, and an efficient team of movers to help you move out or into your new home. Pack all necessary items such as household goods, clothes and linens, kitchenware, and dishes. If you are moving out of a home, make sure it is clean and ready for new residents to move in.

Electronics & Fragile Items

Electronics and fragile items are two things that ought to be moved with special care. They can be quite expensive, and once damaged they cannot be fixed easily. When you pack your electronics and fragile items, make sure you use the proper packaging materials for them. This includes boxes of different sizes depending on the item as well as bubble wrap, packing tape, etc. Pack them in a way that they are not moving around too much and can be packed properly to prevent damage during transit. You should also label them as fragile or electronic on all sides of the box for easy identification.

Important Documents

Another set of essentials you should have in your checklist are copies of important documents. It is very likely that during the packing or moving process, you will misplace or lose some things. Having a copy of these documents can help you get replacements if necessary. These include birth certificates, passports, diplomas, driver’s licenses, Social Security cards, marriage certificates, and more. You should also include a list of all your passwords and PINs in the moving checklist in case you forget them during the move. Make sure you don’t forget your official documents when packing for your move.

Furniture & Utensils

The furniture and utensils you have in your home should be packed safely. You can’t just throw them into crates or containers without any care. Make sure to wrap every piece of furniture that you are moving with bubble wrap, paper, or newspaper.

These can help give padding for protection against bumps and scratches during the move. Some people also like to cover their furniture in plastic for extra protection. Make sure every item is labelled properly before you load it into the truck or van. You can also use these labels to mark which room it belongs in so you know where to unpack them once they are taken out at the new home.

Clothes & Linens

You should pack all of your clothes and bedsheets neatly in a box. Label them as “clothes” or “linens” on the box for easy identification. There is no need to pack clothes that you don’t use regularly since they will take up some space at the new place. Clothing items that are packed into moving boxes should be packed in a manner that doesn’t crease or fold them.

You must pack & carry only those clothes & linens which are useful to you otherwise make sure you sell them either online or offline where you can earn some cash & save space. If possible make sure all clothes are in good condition so that they remain in the same condition after the transportation.

Clean the House

The house should be properly cleaned before the day of the move. You may ask some helpers or movers to help you with this task if needed. Make sure everything is clean, including all appliances and furniture. Dirty dishes should be washed while still in the sink, while floors should be vacuumed and carpets should be steam-cleaned before the packers come over.

You should also make sure that your home smells amazing before the movers get there so they don’t get turned off by bad odours. If you plan to do it by yourself it’ll be nice as you don’t need to worry about the budget instead of time & energy which might be required for cleaning the house from scratch.


Carrying toiletries is a must for a move. You never know if you’ll be staying at a hotel or you will need to sleep in the truck, so it’s probably best to bring these items with you wherever you go. This includes your toothbrush and toothpaste, face wash, comb/brush, perfume/cologne, and other essential toiletries. Suppose if you forget to bring toiletries then you need to buy them from the new place which is also a costly affair. It would be better if you can take your toiletries with you.

Update Your Address

After you’ve packed your essentials and labelled your boxes, the next item on the checklist is to update your address. You can change it online if possible. If not, you should notify all of your banks, post office, credit card companies, cell phone service provider(s), cable company, etc. that you will be moving in a few weeks or months. Make sure you inform your friends, family & neighbors about your location so that they can get in touch with you if they need to.


These were the essential moving checklists factors that you need to complete before the day of your move. Remember, these are not meant for packing & shipping companies to follow but are only guidelines that you can use for yourself. It’s best to arrange things in a way that is convenient for you during the process.