As a fashion statement, men’s joggers have seen a bit of an evolution in recent years. Once reserved for gyms, running trails, and outdoor basketball courts, we’re beginning to see them creep into all aspects of men’s fashion. In fact, men across the country have embraced these wardrobe staples as part of a business casual wardrobe suitable for a day of exercise and errands, as well as office-friendly and even date-night attire. Here’s what you need to know about the versatility of men’s joggers and how to make your own statement when wearing them.

Why are Men’s Joggers So Popular?

Typically made of cotton or other lightweight and comfortable fabrics, joggers taper at the ankle, providing a slim fit and athletic appearance. Once upon a time, they were only worn with sweatshirts, hoodies, and t-shirts. Today, however, the sky’s the limit, and many men prefer a more fashionable or “dressed up” look when wearing joggers that involve button-down shirts, sweaters, cardigans, and stylish hats and jackets. The versatility of these comfortable pants is the primary reason for their growing popularity.

Wearing Your Joggers Well – How to Avoid the “Sloppy” Look

Today’s man cares about his appearance and doesn’t want to appear slouchy or slob-like in any way. For this reason, it is important to take a few important moments when choosing your joggers to make sure you’re getting the right fit. Once you’ve selected your joggers, it is equally important to pair them well with other wardrobe elements so that your look is complete and stylish.

That means you need the perfect combination of joggers, shirts, shoes, and accessories to make your look stand out and avoid many of the negative stereotypes associated with these wardrobe elements. Fortunately, the right choices can help you get more wear from your joggers and may even allow you to mix and match to create multiple looks from a single pair of joggers.

The fit of your joggers is also important. For instance, you want the taper of the leg to fit close to your ankle and not appear too loose. If they are loose, they are too big. When they fit well, your joggers will be above your shoes and leave a little hint of skin showing. The “crotch” of the joggers will vary according to the look you seek to cultivate. If you’re pursuing a relaxed and athletic look, a dropped crotch is acceptable. However, if your goal is a more tailored or “office” look, you’ll want to make sure there is little, if any, drop in the area.

Shoes for the Win

Because men’s joggers offer so many design elements and options, choosing the right shoes can make a world of difference for the final look of your outfit. Boots are a common choice for men determined to make a statement with their joggers. They aren’t as casual as athletic shoes but not quite as “dressed up” as a pair of loafers. Boots are also an excellent choice if you’re going for a rough and tumble look with your style choices. The bottom line is that the right boots can make your joggers appropriate for a day of casual lounging, a day at the office, a night at the club, or even a date night with that special person.

Going Bold with Men’s Joggers

Men’s joggers are great choices for men who like to blend in as well as those who prefer to go bold with their style choices. You can look as smart and snappy or as laid back and casual as you prefer while wearing joggers. In fact, the same pair of joggers can be used to cultivate multiple looks according to your mood, attitude, and surroundings.

The right pair of joggers can easily transition from office wear in the day to evening club attire at night with a few swift changes to the rest of your outfit. Something as simple as changing shoes and adding a jacket or blazer can make a world of difference. Also, don’t forget to play around with fabric options. Pair your joggers with a tailored denim or wool jacket for a unique look or add a jaunty hat and leather blazer to dress things up.

The real secret to success for wearing men’s joggers for all looks is to be authentic in your choices, select comfortable joggers that can be worn for longer time periods, and choose men’s joggers that are made of quality materials and built to last. Most importantly, make sure your joggers have the design you need to get through the day. Whether that involves multiple pockets, style versatility, or easy care instructions, choosing wisely can make these pants a cost-effective wardrobe staple for almost every man.