ETRE – FIVEPOINT Gloves Do What Other Gloves Don’t

ETRE – FIVEPOINT Gloves Do What Other Gloves Don’t

Winter is coming and the temperature is starting to plummet. But fear not, because Etre is on hand to help you solve the annual sartorial conundrum of how to keep warm and stay connected. Whether you are negotiating the early morning commute or evening rush hour, or need to accessorise your weekend wardrobe, Etre’s new range of tech-friendly gloves provides a stylish way of keeping your hands warm while using your smartphone, iPad, iPod and other electronic devices.

Etre FIVEPOINT Gloves do what other gloves don’t

  1.  Thanks to their special contactwoven® fingertips, Etre FIVEPOINT Gloves do what other gloves don’t: They let you use touchscreens without having to take them off.
  2. Need a little extra flexibility? Etre Touchy Gloves, with their distinctive missing thumb and index fingertips, give you the freedom to text, tweet and touch—while also allowing you to snap photos, take notes and shoot film in cold conditions.
  3. Cheer up a dull winter’s day with their bold and bright selection of colours. Make a statement in Fairisle or in pillar-box red and navy stripes. Or, if you’re after a more classic look, try their charcoal or black shades, which are sure to pair perfectly with your working wardrobe.
  4. Styles are available in both virgin wool and cashmere. Etre’s virgin wool is sourced from Australia, while its cashmeres originate from the steppes of China and Mongolia—areas synonymous with the best quality yarn.
  5. Etre’s gloves are made in the British Isles and are part of a wider utilitarian fashion collection that draws on the understated but characterful traditions of British workwear.

View the complete collection and order your Christmas gifts online at  Prices start from £40.

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