Euro Vision 2013 – The Men Style & Disco Fashion

Euro Vision 2013 – The Men Style & Disco Fashion

Euro Vision 2013 - What the men wore

Well after another evening of epic performances on a European front. I have to say the men nailed it this year regarding suits, stage wear and skirts. So where does all this trend end up? Will some of the menswear transcend onto the theaters and high streets of Europe. I am confident one way or another it will. Euro Vision for the men was all about leather and Disco Fashion.

Euro Vision For Men

Europe has a long standing history of tailoring and Fashion. It’s a culture that has fashion in breed within its European bones. Europe lives, breathes and absorbs hundreds of years of fashion history. The Italians are renounced for food and fashion.The generations before them have been taught fashion and understand the worlds fibers, leathers and fabrics. Like European foods and flavours can only be loved, appreciated and experienced within Europe. Similar no matter what other parts of the world try to emulate the European way of living. It’s in the fashion subtle flavours that are deep routed inside these Europeans  You can’t match history or fashion when it comes to Europe and it’s vision.

Green lime suits for men Italy 2013

Italy and colour trends always ahead of the pack

Suits – Grey, Velvet and Fitted

The James Bond inspirations lives on. The velvet grey suit just rocked the stage and his mate who mirrored his every movement. Just made this collection the next big hit on the fashion arena.

Euro Vision grey velvet suits


Disco Fashion

I was made for loving you baby. You were made for loving me. Ring a bell? Rock, leather and eighties. Stage fashion and disco has come back with a vengeance.

Euro Vision - Disco Fashion

Opera – Meets Rock

If it’s a man with a voice and that cape. This is certainly re-defining opera wear. The black, the bling, the drama.This guy has updated Opera working along side Rock. Sexy indeed.

Euro Vision - Rock  opera fashion for men 2013




Euro Vision - Rock red leather jackets fashion for men 2013

Military jackets to Military fashion full stop.


Euro Vision - Winner 2013 Denmark

The winners well done Denmark


Euro Vision - Rock opera fashion for men 2013

Anything black,or grey was huge for the men


Armenias Dorians Double Denim 2013

Double Denim lives on for 2013

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