Summer Fashion For Men – Denim, Camouflage & Tribal Prints

Summer Fashion For Men – Denim, Camouflage & Tribal Prints

T-shirts for men SBC 2013


Camo fashion has just dominated the men’s fashion arena this 2013. Not surprisingly, camouflage currently has an heavy presence is the fashion world. From the looks of it, this trend will only get bigger and does not look like fading anytime soon. SBC camo jacket is a modern take on the pattern with 5 gold stars on the shoulder giving it that military touch of originality.

SBC camo jacket - Camouflage for men 2013

How to wear – Wear buttoned up with sleeves pulled up or unbuttoned with a simple patterned or plain T shirt underneath.

Denim With Leopard Print

Denim will always be in fashion. It is not going away so the only doubt is denim on denim or not. Either way denim will always be around. This Jacket has a twist with the animal print on the pocket and PU leather sleeve for the classic retro look. Can add a different dimension to your style.

Denim with leopard print - SBC 2013 for men

How to wear – Wear with plain or patterned t shirt underneath, button half done or undone. Try denim on denim if you are brave enough.

Tribal V

African tribal print is getting more popular by the day. The likes of Beyonce and Kanye west has been seen rocking some sort of the this season, very popular in the British market of urban wear, mostly with new upcoming designers, the natural colourful pattern works with the season. The pattern on the navy blue jumper with gold finish buttons up to a turtle neck for those cold-ish spring days or opens up to allow the smart casual look.

African tribal print - KANYE WEST 2013

How to wear – Wear buttoned up for the classic gold look, bright coloured trousers. Or rock open neck with a shirt and tie underneath (personal preference).

Sleeveless Hoodies

We all have hoodies somewhere in clothes box, more paramount during the colder seasons as it is more casual for our quick run to the shop or the gym. This twist on the orthodox hoodie, stylish and different which will work as part of an actual outfit. The sleeveless option lets you wear it with most things underneath, while flexing those muscles you’ve worked hard for through the summer. Perfect for those unpredictable days to the beach or barbeque


Sleeveless Hoodies - for men SBCSleeveless Hoodies - for men SBC

How to wear – Wear with a plain or patterned t shirt, trousers or ¾ shorts.

Eye Wear

SBC leopard frames can go with most of the day to day garment. The gold finish will ensure you stand out anywhere, to complete your look this summer

SBC leopard frames FOR MEN 2013

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