Customization On Another Level

There are countless amounts of watch companies around the world claiming to offer something new to their users. We have seen everything from changeable straps to custom backgrounds. Although this choice is great, it doesn’t really go any further than that. People simply haven’t had that much choice in the exact look of their watch. It’s probably only now that you’ve realized that.

Evarii Modular Watches seeks to change the way you look at the customization of your watches. They have given you the opportunity to have every aspect of the watch exactly to your liking.

Customize your Case, Inner Dial, Bezel and Strap in under 30 seconds to create a truly one of a kind design!

Amazingly Fast Customization!

So I’ve told you that you can customize your Evarii watch in under 30 seconds, but this is something you will want to see first.

Just to give you an idea of how many options you have, take a look at the picture below!

Styles Packs

classima pride dillishaw reap rebel clayborne

Kickstarter Campaign

To get The Evarii Modular Watches off the ground, a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign has been started. With only 15 days left of their campaign, they need your help to finish over the line. With the help of the Kickstarter campaign funds, they can have a successful launch of their unique product. Donations are as low as $1 for your support, where as higher donations will give you the opportunity to become one of the first owners of a Evarii Modular Watch. Here is a link to the Kickstarter Campaign – Evarii Modular Watches