Black leather shoes for men

Fashion Essentials For Men – Must Haves in Your Closet

We know fashion is one thing most men either do not have a clue about or just do not put too much energy into. However, regardless if you’re a fashion forward divo or just a regular Joe, your wardrobe should consist of some essential pieces. Essential basics are the foundation for your closet and consist of items that will work for a variety of occasions.

Black Shoes

A good pair will match most suits (except brown) and you can’t go wrong with a lace up look. Take the plunge and invest in a pair of quality shoes with fine leather and stitching from a reputable brand. Fellas, if you didn’t know woman notice and take interest with what’s on your feet. Avoid square toe and look for something rounded. Be sure to invest in black shoe polish.

Black Shoes for Men

The Black Belt

One of the biggest fashion no-nos is to mismatch the color of your belt with that of your shoes. Wearing black shoes and a black belt is a fashion fundamental and will allow you to have maximum wear, whether it’s casual or formal. Classic black shoes will last you at least a year or two while a black belt will most likely last you a lifetime.

Black Leather Belt

The Suit

Every man needs at least one suit, so make it gray, though, navy is a good second choice. Gray works in the office, an interview or for a last minute situation that arises and you need to look your best. Note: If you can only afford one suit, make sure it’s of high quality and conservative. Two or three button, single breasted suits look good on nearly every body type. Avoid pleats and go for flat front pants. Before making your purchase, know your measurements. Make sure everything fits comfortably because you have your suit for an indefinite amount of time.

Brown Suit

The Jacket

Nothing is more versatile and good looking than a well cut, well-made sports coat or blazer. It can be worn in a variety of situations, such as work, hanging out with your friends at a bar or a formal get together. It’s great for the fall and spring and slim enough to fit under a top coat during winter. Navy blue works well with anything, easily going with jeans, a polo or button down. There are many styles to choose from, but avoid a blazer with gold or brass buttons. Look for something made of medium weight, worsted wool so you can wear it all year. As for the cut, if you only going to only own one keep it simple: no double breasted or four button styles. Select a classic two button with a single vent in back and medium width lapels.

Green winter jacket for men


Blue winter jacket for men

The White Oxford Shirt

Like a good sports coat or blazer, you can never go wrong with a white oxford shirt; it matches well with anything but also gives you a “dressed up” appearance, even if you forgot to shave or comb your hair. Don’t skim on the quality because this shirt will get a lot of miles and needs to last. Make sure the fabric is durable, such as 100% cotton Oxford. Avoid buttoned collars because this will limit its versatility, looking too casual.

White Collar Shirt


Your specs should be clean and compliment both your face and the situation you’ll be wearing them in. I recommend that a man have at least two pairs of sunglasses in his wardrobe – a classic, quality pair for every day use that can be worn with either a suit or polo shirt and a cheaper, disposable pair that can be worn in situations where the likelihood of them never being seen again is high (playing anytime of sport).

Pin Collar Shirts


These do well in the summer, running errands any day of the week or beating that deadline at work. You can even sleep in them. Typically, khaki’s are the more casual style of the two, fuller in the seat and thighs. Chino’s are usually a lighter shade and with a straight through fit. Both should be 100% cotton twill and a flat front. If they’re long, you can roll them up or get them hemmed.

Chino red for men

The Watch

This is the only accessory that made my list because it’s importance. These days, guys use their cell phones to tell time, but when you have a classic rock on your wrist, there is nothing better that reflects your personality along with a personal statement on your style. It’s a worthy investment, something that should last, but tread carefully, because there are many options. The watch should be of high quality, masculine, but most importantly, something you feel comfortable wearing. Metal and leather bands are classic, but grosgrain is great for a casual look. Keep your sports watch in the gym.

Brown man bag and a watch