Whilst out at Dubai Fashion Forward we could not helping noticing  Mohammed S Alhabtoor . If I had to judge a fashion book by it’s cover, Oh! my goodness what a beautiful, handsome man. What was empowering  about him was his presence and his kind approachable nature. No sign of vanity here at all.  But for me what I adored the most and he earnt my respect was Mohammed S AlHabtoor embraced who he was culturally. Simply by what he wore. He made us feel connected and culturally alive in Dubai at Fashion Forward Week.

Don’t Deny Your Costume Culture

I’ve never been to Dubai let alone any fashion event. For me these  Emirati people just look naturally stunning.  They define natural beauty like I’ve never seen before. I was not the only one feeling that emotion.  But there was another emotion that kept stirring within me  at Fashion Forward Dubai. Why were not many more Emrati people dressing in a way that edified their cultural background?

Dubai fashion forward  Mohammed S Alhabatoor  (8)

As an European I understand the power and influence we have regarding fashion and image. But  it does not mean we have to dictate all the fashion trends and images around the world. Yes it’s true to a point but how on earth are we going to compete against Europe if we all keep on doing the same thing within fashion.

Why do we feel that we have to copy and conform to Europe’s catwalk ways?  Why has fashion become so predictable?

I’ve traveled many parts of the world. I adore Asia and again the design, the people and the  talent very much like Dubai is breathe taking. But they too seem to deny their cultural identity when it comes to fashion events.

They seem to just follow everyone else.

 Empower Trends By Promoting Our Traditions

People nowa days certainly know where and what Dubai is all about. When you are visiting there  we have to  accept their cultural differences as being deep and legitimate. We the visitors understand that people of other cultures behave differently and accept the inevitability of other value systems, worldviews and behavioral norms. We may find some of Dubai’s behaviors hard to deal with or accept, but we should  not  feel threatened by them. When visiting Dubai we have no right to judge them. It’s called cultural differences. It’s about respecting and being tolerant, accepting and having a sympathetic attitude.  Being neutral and  positive, about cultural differences For this reason I’m merely suggesting that  this be displayed at Dubai Fashion Forward in October.

I’m an encourager after all.

Don’t be afraid of who your are as gorgeous Emirati people.