AMORE - Peter Brathwaite and David Webb

Helping Hands Dinner

WellChildAs we post this article the Helping Hands Dinner, an exclusive black-tie event, in aid of WellChild is starting at the Savoy hotel in London. The Helping Hands Dinner features a top celebrity host and quality entertainment. The Helping Hands Dinner cost £2500 per ticket, a ‘go-to’ event for people who want a glamorous night out. All proceeds of the ticket sales will go to WellChild.

The Lancaster Ballroom – Black Tie Event

It is extremely important that you know what to wear at a Black Tie Event. Here are my tips:

  • Fabric – The fabric is important because its got to look expensive. Ideally, it would be wool, barathea or mohair.  Mohair plays on the light. It gives a luminescence effect you don’t get from wool. The jacket should have a closed back with no vents at all. The key is in the silhouette being sleek and clean.
  • Lapel – Go for a peak lapel it’s safe. But if you choose a shawl lapel to make sure you get the proportions right. A notch lapel should never be worn with black tie.
  • Velvet – A velvet dinner jacket that fits well gives a vintage presence. It’s for the modern youthful man. Wear smart black trousers, never a whole velvet suit.
  • Double-breasted and Three-Piece Suit –  A double-breasted dinner suit looks chic but be prepared to have it done-up all evening.  A double-breasted jacket looks nasty if worn undone.
  • Midnight Blue – In low light, the richness you get is amazing. This suit has to be worn with confidence and attitude.
  • Shirts – Make sure it’s a turndown collar – a wing collar is for white tie. The front part (the bib) should be pleated or Marcela, a textured fabric made up of little diamond shapes. If you choose pleats this looks very modern indeed.
  • Accessories – Make sure they represent your personality and you can’t go wrong with silver or black.

Amore – What They Will Be Wearing

Menstylefashion has been chosen to style Amore, an opera group performing at the Helping Hands Event. This is what Peter Brathwaite and David Webb will be wearing at this exclusive event.


The suits for this exclusive event were supplied by Gieves & Hawkes, no 1 Saville Row.


AMORE - Peter Brathwaite and David Webb

That’s not the changing room Peter

AMORE - Peter Brathwaite and David Webb

I’m wondering who she is?

AMORE - Peter Brathwaite and David Webb

I know styling can be very exhausting

AMORE - Peter Brathwaite and David Webb


AMORE - Gieves and hawkes suits savile row


If you have an existing black tie suit then don’t worry. Make sure it fits? The key to updating your look is all in the detail. The following accessories were supplied by Ede & Ravenscroft

Peter Brathwaite

  • Wine White Spot Pocket Square
  • Fringe Dress Scarf Wine
  • Moire Braces Wine
  • Velvet Bow Tie Purple
  • Rose Onyx Cufflinks

David Webb

  • Black with White Spot Pocket Square
  • Fringe Dress Scarf Wine
  • Black Skull & Cross bones Braces
  • Black Bow Tie Purple
  • Onyx/Silver Dress Studs


AMORE - David Webb, ede and ravenscroft bow tie

AMORE - Peter Brathwaite , Ede and ravenscroft bow tie


A special thanks goes to Sean at John Carne Hairdressers in Knightbridge for styling Peter and Dave’s hair for this special occasion. An informative interview coming up on how to get the hairstyle.

AMORE - Gieves and hawkes suits savile row

AMORE - Gieves and hawkes suits savile row