The Resurgence of Tailored Pants – How to Wear

In the ever changing sphere of fashion it’s nice to know that some items remain timeless and classic, in the case of this article, the tailored pants. Savile Row connoisseurs Admiral Lord Nelson, Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra and Mick Jagger understood the impeccable made-to-measure suits that individually fit the needs of the modern man. Although the tailored pants limited their appeal to the elite for decades, in the 1990’s a new generation of tailors injected street fashion with a fresh new outlook on smart casual wear. Ozwald Boateng, Richard James and Timothy Everest reaffirmed the Row as the ultimate in bespoke chic.

Still, alternative fashion trends, would look down on the conservatism of tailored pants as they seemed to be too rigid to be incorporated in everyday outfits. Over the course of time, contradictory style fusions emerged, and different fashion trends of haute couture with underground fashion merged into one, deviating now from the constricting rules of the past. During the last seasons for example, the tailored trousers have proven themselves as the ultimate meeting point between the formality of a strict business suit and off- duty casual street wear, creating a go to piece for almost on any occasion.

How To Wear

Creating an outfit around tailored pants comes down to personal style. There are though some points you could keep in mind.

Occasion – For an off duty look think a woolen sweater in a dark, warm color, paired with a beige tone pair of tailored pants and luxurious leather brogues. In order to create a more formal outfit choose a darker shade like navy blue, chocolate brown or black. Otherwise take this seasons designers example for inspiration where the classic, statement pair of pants appeared in bold colors: pink, off whites or black and white prints. The key here is differentiating the business suit pants from the casual yet sleek tailored pants and combining the rest of the outfit accordingly.

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Marine – Another factor to take into account is seasons. For Spring/summer for example you might want to take up the hemline of the pants as much as you’re comfortable with, for a more beachy, marine look, pair it up with espadrilles, white trainers or summer loafers and a cool T-shirt of your choice.

Smart Casual – The new take on tailored trousers is a piece that acts as the perfect alternative to everyday casual chinos and jeans. This year for example designers like Zegna’s Stefano Pilatti, showed slouchy relaxed trousers entering the suit pants into casual smart street wear. The fluid lines in cottons, were also featured at Emporio Armani while Lucas Ossendrijver’s menswear opted for cropped up at Lanvin. Whatever your choice you should aim for cohesiveness in the outfit, pairing it with a similar jacket, shirt and smart brogues or loafers.

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Bold Colours – Opting for colour is the way to go if you want an uber cool everyday outfit. Think earthy tones such as mustard and moca and combine them with a simple t-shirt, jacket and trainers. Keeping the rest of the outfit understated is key. You also want to make sure the pants are well tailored, sharp and clean cut, to avoid any tacky colored track suit resemblances.

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Texture – Opt for any material doesn’t feel as stuffy or rigid as a traditional pair of suit trousers. For example look for cotton, linen, tweed or even with patterns such as check as shown by Savile Row’s, Thom Sweeney or Bottega Veneta. Pair it up with this seasons favorite, a double breasted blazer, a cool tie in a bold colour and a pair of black leather boots.

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