Women & shopping 2013

Fashion Frustrations

The more I explore the man’s approach and psychological behavior to clothes and shopping the more interesting it becomes. However I was not prepared for this. Whilst complementing a gorgeous Frenchman on his sense of style. Without a second thought he gave it to me. He was begging me to help? Help with what?  Arms in outrage he displayed how frustrated he felt that his girlfriend hated shopping for clothes. Is this possible?

He was really upset about it. I just wanted to hug him, console him. It’s very rare, but I was stuck for words of fashion counselling. It is something I can’t comprehend or relate to. Do you know how many arguments I have  had with my other half. Him waiting in shops for me. Me not being able to decide what to buy, if it looked good or not. Me asking him, what do you think? I know I am not alone on this as I have seen it over and over, good fashion shop rage. Men storming out of shops and women running after them not wanting to comprehend the raw emotions of it all.

So gentlemen are you the man feeling this frustration. My girlfriend hates to shop. What to do about it? Are you dressing more stylish than your Sheila? Crickey!

How to Avoid Fashion Shop Rage

It’s simple ask your girly why she hates shopping for clothes? Tell her how you feel when it comes to her not noticing you. How she is not making an effort for complimenting you. Explain to her that it’s out of love you are making this effort. Ask her how you could balance the shopping time. Mix it up with something she likes to do? Get her involved. Allow her to choose something for you, even if deep down you hate it.

If all of this fails it’s simple, shop alone or send me an e-mail I will come. My partner will love you for it.

One Third of Women Hate Shopping

The Daily Mail did an article on women and shopping and found out that actually one third of them hates it.


Women & shopping 2013

It’s all about working together even if it means wearing the same style shirts.


Women & men  shopping 2013

Women and men shopping can be a bonding session or not


Shopping with your mates can be a whole lot of fun

Shopping with your mates can be a whole lot of fun


Man posing with shopping bags


Happy couple shopping together

It can be great it’s down to how you mentally prepare for your outing