Dubai Fashion Forward – 5th Fashion Capital Of The World?

Dubai Fashion Forward – 5th Fashion Capital Of The World?

Dubai Fashion Forward

This is our first time we have have been at the Dubai Fashion Forward. Each catwalk we went to the message was the same: Dubai wants to establish itself as the 5th fashion capital of the world. The question is can they do it? Well if it comes to money, power and investment they have it all. The people were one of the most good looking men and women I have ever seen. Natural beauty was so powerful here.

So how can Dubai make a name for itself into becoming the 5th Fashion Capital Nation in the world? How does each designer out there get the right international press for being top designers? How does one stand out and do things differently to what is already a very competitive market. For me inviting us has certainly got them off to a great start.

Allowing MSF to come in and give them fabulous coverage was a smart move, lots more on that to come on my personal blog Gracie Opulanza.

Dubai Fashion Week 2014  No Longer Exists

Fashion Forward is not a fashion week but a definitive fashion platform for the fashion industry in the Middle East.  From identifying and fostering emerging talents to recognizing more established design houses, while furthering fashion debate, education and industry momentum. You may not be aware but there was a Dubai Fashion Week that is no longer exist now.  Read why.

Dubai Fashion Forward 2014

Well as far as taking care of the press goes, we were treated like princesses. There was no holding back into making us feel very welcome. For me this is very important. When things were not so clear for press we got personal numbers and overwhelming aftercare and service.

Photographers were well respected and the press room was fantastic. The gorgeous staff went out of their way to make sure press got respect and cover the event well. For as they deemed it and could see on our social media following MenStyleFashion is one of top on-line publishing magazines for men’s fashion.

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