Music Icons – How To Incorporate Their Style?

It seems as creativity in music goes hand in hand with visionary fashion and this years front runners make the best example.

Pharell Williams

It seems as Pharell Williams can get away with anything, whether it is rocking a pair of bermuda shorts on the red carpet, in this years Oscars ceremony, or incorporating a fedora hat in his everyday outfits as he did in the infamous “Happy” music video. Nevertheless, he’s seen a massive style evolution from a street/skateboard b-boy to an impecably put together gentleman. Even during the mass appeal of hip hop street style in the ‘00s he managed to differentiate himself stylewise, grasping the attention of fashion insiders such Esquire Magazine who honored him with the title of Best Dressed Male for 2005. Now in his forties, he is the perfect specimen of the merge between class and cool. He has the unique ability of combining casual street wear in bold colours with luxurious ties and suits, while paying close attention to accessories – his favorite being baseball cap. (He admitted to owning more that 200 pieces). His style icons? Tony Stark and Batman. (Got to love him.)

Pharell  Style

If Pharell William’s approach to style could be described in three words it would be relaxed, cool and authentic. Think of a hoodie, or a jacket and pair it up with dark jeans, or even bermuda shorts and a pair of impressionable sneakers or hi-tops. For a more formal look trade the hoodie for a tuxedo jacket, add a funky tie and a pair of black leather mocassins. As unique as his songwriting, his attire may be casual though well thought out, as he pays attention to his printed t-shirts, hats (yes even a fedora looking through Indiana Jone’s closet apparently) and his cool, vintage sunglasses.

Pharell Williams (2) Pharell Williams (1)

Alex Turner

Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner, embodies the quintessential modern day rockstar. Since the beginning of his career he’s been constant in the ultimate rockstar look, now trading his long hippie locks and style in exchange for a sleek shorter hairdo and a 50’s teddy boy look. The rockabilly nuances compromise of a black leather jacket, a crisp open collar white shirt, a pair of jeans and black leather boots. As he mentioned in his much coveted Brit Awards acceptance speech, rock n’roll is still alive so we give him props for embodying and oozing rock through sound and style.

Alex’s Style

Incorporating Alex Turner’s style is easy. Try a 50’s bomber jacket-one of the key trends for this summer, or a black leather jacket and pair it up with a plain cotton shirt, jeans black leather boots and a silver chain. As far as grooming goes try a clean shave, and spend a little more on that hair gel while backcombing your hair to achieve the perfect quiff hairdo.

Alex Turner (2) Alex Turner (1)

Justin Timberlake

It would have been very difficult to predict that the awkward Mickey Mouse Club teenager, turned late ninties boy band royalty, would evolve as a smart, chic, modern day gentleman. In 2013 his transition was evident, we suspect his debut single which re introduced him into the music scene “Suit & Tie” had something to do with it. He has also snatched a very lucrative partnership with the ultimate brand in cool suit crafting Tom Ford. Sporting his exquisite suits in videos such as “Suit & Tie” and red carpet appearances all over the world.

Justin’s Style

His style compromises of sleek double breasted suits, carefully tailored pants, clean buttoned down shirts, leather boots and of course a tie, bow tie or yes a check cravat! If you want to take it to the next level mix it up with a grey check shirt, or check suit, and for extra JT’s flair add a pocket square, or a classy jacket pin. Impecable as he is in style, his grooming goes a long way as well, sporting a much saught after sleek hairdo similar to Alex Turner’s quiff. For casual morning dressing opt for a pair of classic black Ray-bans and an off white Burberry trench coat.

Justin Timberlake (2) Justin Timberlake (1)