The moment my eyes met the sleek silhouette of the Ferrari Roma, it was as if time stood still, and the world around us faded into the background. There she was, a masterpiece of engineering and design, poised with the elegance of a prima ballerina on the opening night. I’ve always believed in love at first sight, but this… this was a passion ignited, a dance of the heart and soul with a machine that promised more than just a ride—it promised an adventure.

Ferrari Roma White pearl Gracie Opulanza (2)Ferrari Roma Grill

La Dolce Vita on Wheels

For me, the Ferrari Roma isn’t just a car; it’s the quintessence of La Dolce Vita. With every curve, every line, it whispers tales of opulence, freedom, and the pursuit of pleasure. Driving the Roma is like wearing a couture gown that fits you perfectly; it’s not just about the destination, it’s about how you feel on the journey. The shark-like grille that captivated so many admirers wasn’t just a design choice; it was a statement—bold, beautiful, and unapologetically present.


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A Symphony of Power and Grace

Underneath the Roma’s sculpted exterior beats the heart of a turbocharged 3.9-liter V8, a symphony of power that sings to the tune of 612 horsepower. But it’s not just the raw power that makes the Roma special; it’s how it makes you feel behind the wheel. Driving the Roma is like conducting an orchestra, each movement, each decision, bringing out a different nuance, a different emotion. It’s a dance, a delicate balance between power and grace, where every gear shift, every acceleration, tells a story.

For some Ferrari style fashion tips, I did a dedicated feature.

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Revving Up Empowerment

The day I drove to a charity event in Bromley, I wasn’t just attending an event; I was making a statement. As I pulled up in the Roma, surrounded by 380 construction workers, I felt a surge of empowerment. The moment I revved that engine, I wasn’t just Gracie; I was every woman who dared to dream big, to break the mold. The admiring glances, the whispers of awe—each one was a note in the symphony of empowerment that the Roma conducted.

Gracie Opulanza Ferrari Roma Bromley

Ferrari Roma Gracie Opulanza

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Quirks and Charms: A Woman’s Touch

For all its perfection, the Roma has its quirks. Adjusting to the sensitivity of the touchpad, learning the nuances of the steering wheel gadgets—it was a dance of its own. But it’s these moments, these challenges, that remind me of the importance of a woman’s touch. The Roma, for all its power and beauty, could benefit from the nuances of design that only a woman could bring—a reminder that in the world of supercars, as in life, diversity is not just important; it’s essential.

The Night is Young, and So Are We

Driving through the city at night, the Roma becomes more than just a car; it becomes a beacon, cutting through the darkness with its elegant lines and commanding presence. The interior, a cocoon of luxury and technology, becomes my sanctuary, my command center. The streets of London, with their endless possibilities, unfold before me, and the Roma guides me through, not just as a vehicle, but as a partner in the pursuit of the extraordinary.

Ferrari Roma White pearl Gracie Opulanza (8)Ferrari Roma White pearl Gracie Opulanza (8)

Ferrari Roma White pearl Gracie Opulanza (8)

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Embracing La Dolce Vita

As my journey with the Ferrari Roma came to a close, I realized that this wasn’t just about driving a car; it was about embracing a lifestyle, a philosophy. The Roma taught me that La Dolce Vita isn’t just a dream; it’s a choice, a decision to live life on your own terms, to embrace every moment with passion and joy. To the women who dream of driving supercars, who aspire to live their own version of La Dolce Vita, I say this: the world is yours for the taking. Drive with your heart, live with your soul, and never, ever let anyone tell you that you can’t.

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Allure Of Property Hunting

Embarking on the quest for the perfect property, the allure of the hunt becomes an intoxicating journey, especially when navigated from the driver’s seat of the Ferrari Roma. This isn’t just any car; it’s my chariot, my companion on a voyage through the world of luxury and exclusivity. Each property visit is an event, a statement of intent and capability, heightened by the Roma’s presence. It’s as if the car and I are in a symbiotic relationship, each enhancing the other’s allure in the pursuit of something truly extraordinary.

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The Exclusive Journey in Vintage Wear

Dressed in my vintage wear, each piece a story, a memory, an echo of the past, I find a kindred spirit in the Ferrari Roma. Together, we are an embodiment of endurance and niche—a fusion of classic elegance and modern power. As I navigate through hidden driveways and secluded estates, the Roma seems to understand the assignment perfectly. Its elegance mirrors my own, creating an aura of exclusivity that whispers to those in the know.

Earning My Place in Luxury Locations

Pulling up to extravagant properties not open to the public, the Roma and I make a statement. It’s about more than just arriving; it’s about belonging. In a world where luxury is often gated, earning my right to stand, drive, and be recognized in these spaces is a testament to perseverance and success. The Ferrari doesn’t just get me there; it announces my arrival, ensuring that I am seen, acknowledged, and remembered.

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A Life of Endurance and Niche

The search for the perfect property is a reflection of my life’s ethos—to seek, to find, and to endure. In the Roma, I find a partner that embodies this spirit. It’s not just about the speed or the prestige; it’s about the journey, the experiences, and the stories that unfold along the way. Each property visit becomes a chapter in our shared narrative, a step closer to finding a place that isn’t just a home but a haven.

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Protected by the Roma

There’s a sense of protection that comes with driving the Ferrari Roma, a shield of metal, horsepower, and heritage that envelops me. It’s as though the car itself is a guardian, safeguarding me as I delve into the unknown in search of my next great adventure. This protection is more than physical; it’s psychological, a boost of confidence, a reminder of how far I’ve come and the limitless horizons yet to be explored.

Gracie Opulanza Ferrari Roma

 A Symphony of Aspirations

As the property hunt continues, the Ferrari Roma remains my steadfast companion, a beacon of luxury, endurance, and niche exploration. Together, we are more than just a woman and her car; we are a symphony of aspirations, a duo on a quest for the extraordinary. The allure of property hunting, coupled with the exclusivity and elegance of the Roma, creates an experience that transcends the ordinary, making every arrival an event, every viewing a moment to be savored. In this journey, I am not just searching for a place to live; I am defining a lifestyle, one that harmonizes perfectly with the sweet hum of the Roma’s engine and the timeless elegance of my vintage wear.



Ferrari Roma White pearl Gracie Opulanza (5)