I had the privilege of driving the new Honda e-car yesterday and going into the launch I was a bit anxious having never driven an electric car before. I had this assumption it would be really technical and ‘weird’ to drive that I’d freeze and get caught up in trying to figure out how the car would ‘drive’. Due to Covid the team at Honda had prepared in advance a smart, safe and innovative way to showcase their presentation of the car. The first few observations I made of the Honda e were the subtle curves and inviting headlights on the car, but most intriguing was, where are the wing mirrors?!

    Great tech to impress, but not overwhelm!

I was lead to my car, which was in what I would describe as Peridot green (my birthstone!) the car had the appropriate safety measures in place.

Honda E - The Urban Commuter Reviewed covid 19

The Drive-In Tech Move-e

Once seated in the car the feature presentation was started which was looped into the car, so I could listen and watch the presentation from the comfort of the car. Impressive! Seating is firm and comfortable. I particularly loved the mocha dash, seat belt, and stitching against the grey upholstery.

I was quickly comforted to see, much like an automatic car there were 2 peddles I need to manage. The rest was via a control panel between passenger and driver seats. Easy-peasy; D / R/ P.  My route was already prepared and I just had to lightly press Navigation on the screen, which was very perceptive and only need a light touch.

The car was smooth with a faint motor sound which helped you feel the car. I was expecting silence. This is not common amongst other Electic car brands. So a nice niche and safety touch for Honda.

Honda E - The Urban Commuter Reviewed

Steering was light and comfortable. On my approach to the M25 a gentleman pulled up next to me at the lights and asked me to wind down the window: ‘You’ve got no wing mirrors’! He exclaimed! ‘How are you driving, you’ve got no wing mirrors!’

I said, ‘It’s OK, there is a camera feed on the outside that is shown on my dash on either side. This is the new Honda e.’, He looked (we are still at the lights…) and he excitedly said ‘Oh wow, that’s brilliant!! That’s really cool!’ I now had a lot more attention than I had expected!

I was surprised how quickly the car picked up speed. For some reason, I thought electric cars would be slow!

Honda E – The Urban Commuter Reviewed

Safety Features

The safety features were also impressive; and especially if one isn’t used to the wing mirror being relayed inside the car. When indicating left or right to change lanes the car will show an Amber display if you are turning too early. And it will beep slightly too to warn you if it is safe to go or not.

I also noticed the steering also adjusts if you are veering too much left or right. An amber light combined with a very slight adjustment of the wheel by the car happened. I didn’t even notice I wasn’t driving straight! #Safe!

Going through Windsor and Eaton I wanted to test the parking and how I would manage reverse parking in an electric car. Well, once again, the assistance and display in the car were actually really helpful and easy.

I thought I’d be distracted by it but you have to learn to use the video image inside the car and I found it pretty intuitive.

Great tech to impress, but not overwhelm!

Honda E - The Urban Commuter Reviewed

Digital Mirrors

Not that I have driven one but this certainly seemed a replica of the Audi E- tron regarding digital mirrors. Like a duck to the water, I loved this tech. Great to see the road on a digital front. As I was waiting at the traffic lights a London taxi was waving frantically at me. I wound down my window. He was blown away about the revision mirror design.

As a car experience goes I was getting used to this rare attention.

Honda E - The Urban Commuter Reviewed

First Impressions

I stepped out to take some shots of the car and the amazing parking I had just done and once again, a gentleman stopped and asked about the car. He said he’d spotted a couple of us driving around. He is a car dealer and was really excited to see the new Honda e.

He asked if he could take a look and was super happy with the interior and also loved the mocha and grey. He was also intrigued by the rear and wing mirror.

I was very aware of being noticed by many drivers and pedestrians. Some even crossed the road to get a look! For me, people’s reactions always highlight if the car has a wow factor or not.

Range anxiety on this occasion was irrelevant but I test that out when I do my lifestyle weekly review on it. But there is plenty of electric charging stations around central London so would not be an issue.

I was starting to bond with my Peridot Honda e!! Especially if it was getting me this much attention!

Honda E – The Urban Commuter Reviewed

Urban Commuter Style

As electric cars are all about environmental awareness my clothes message was representing sustainable fashion.

The Urban Commuter is all about comfort with a funky element to it. On this occasion, without even seeing the car I felt to wear a maxi skirt made in Tanzania and a French Connection cotton shirt with Converse pumps.

My jewellery was all by Nakibirango London, my own brand. So plenty of boot space for the day to day challenges as a city commuter.

Honda E - The Urban Commuter Reviewed Honda E - The Urban Commuter Reviewed

Electric Cars Matter

The competition is fierce now regarding electric cars. As always it comes down to brand loyalty. But this a brilliant affordable price at £26,000. As far as the urban commuter message it is the perfect little nippy car for central London.