Ferrari Style – Style Tips For Ferrari Roma

Ferrari Style –  Style Tips For Ferrari Roma

Ferrari has launched its own male and female collection. I personally feel they have missed the mark when it comes to females dressing in a Ferrari.  Us women like to mix and match our clothing all day long. Here are my unisex-style tips when driving this lifestyle car called, Ferrari Roma.

What one wears driving a Ferrari Roma which is a lifestyle car is equally important as the car itself. Ferrari is labeling the Ferrari Roma as La Dolce Vita, ( the sweet life) It is commanding this Ferrari to be driven all day and every day. Turning up in a luxury supercar at a luxury hotel or a meeting means both males and females need to think about what image he or she is giving out.

Ferrari Roma menstylefashion pearl white (3) Ferrari Roma menstylefashion pearl white (3)

A leather Jacket Is A Must

I chose to wear various different outfits as the Ferrari Roma was very comfortable to sit in. You can watch me driving the Ferrari Roma in a Benheart Italy limited edition jacket. This jacket is available for both men and women. Opt for a different colour as opposed to the traditional black and tan. Dare to be not under the radar.

Benheartitaly Gracie Opulanza Ferrari Roma

Red Trainers Made In Italy

Entering a luxury hotel in a Ferrari Roma is all about style, image, and horsepower. The shoes are important to be stylish, red, and comfortable for any acceleration and grip. These are unisex red trainers from Benheart Italy. When in acceleration mode I wore Benheart cross-stitch red trainers made in Italy. I wore red as it’s my passion color for life and for luxury cars. The embroidery bespoke denim was made as a business card message for my passion for supercars. Don’t forget to wear an outrageous pair of oversize eyewear. You are up against the most prestigious obsessed fashion culture in the world, Italians.

Gracie Opulanza Ferrari Roma Gracie Opulanza Ferrari Roma

Gracie Opulanza Ferrari Roma (3)

Create your own Ferrari story on a pair of denim jeans you love.

Oversize Beards and Eyewear

One has to command so much attention when driving the Ferrari Roma. Opting for unisex oversize eyewear is essential. When rocking a man bun and a beard you can never be too extreme. Trending all dark grey with tan loafers looks stylish against this white pearl stallion.

Ferrari Roma MenStyleFashion

Gracie Opulanza Ferrari Roma (3)

Red Felt Fur Blazer

This unisex wool felt fur red blazer looked brilliant against the white pearl paint. When driving a Ferrari, opt for maximum attention-seeking colours. A red leather business bag is always a statement piece when driving a Ferrari

Ferrari Roma Gracie Opulanza (5)

Rd backpack gracie opulanza leather bag made in italy.

Blue For Ferrari

A nice ready-wear blue suit looked great with the Ferrari Roma. Against the white pearl paintwork. The blue stood out for all the stylish reasons.

Ferrari Roma MenStyleFashion

Why not go all-out in blue including leather blue redwing boots? Easy to drive the Ferrari with too.Comfortable, practical, and stylish. A blue blazer is brilliant and a must for a man’s capsule wardrobe at any age. Once again a stylish pair of blue loafers and team it with grey chinos. Very comfortable to drive in. Team it with a grey sweater and a dark blue and red scarf.

Ferrari Roma MenStyleFashion

Don’t forget your hairstyle which the current trend is called, The Fade, known as short back and sides. Very popular amongst the England team currently playing in Qatar at the Fifa world cup.

MenStyleFashion Aston Martin Vantage Roadster blue style 2022 (2)

London Sock Company

Socks are an essential part of the Ferrari Roma style. London Sock Company has endless choices for you to team your socks with. Great for Christmas ideas, opt for the designer collection.

London sock company

London Sock Company (2)

Your Travel Style

When staying at a luxury hotel the trend was rose gold suitcases, tan chino with matching oversize tan manbag, and a Barbour jacket. Barbour jackets are versatile for both indoor and outdoor weather, especially around Shakespeare county. For driving and walking shoes opt for white trainers or tan suede Chelsea boots.

Ferrari Roma MenStyleFashion


This unis sex car can be driven by all. So mix and match from your existing wardrobe or go all out with bespoke tailoring and ready-to-wear embroidery leather jackets or denim jeans. Take the time to explore your capsule wardrobe that should only be embraced when driving this lifestyle car called, Ferrari Roma.


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