Strellson – Swiss Style Urban Fashion

Strellson – Swiss Style Urban Fashion

Strellson - Swiss men's suits


Gosh! This Swiss label has certainly got it’s fashion head screwed on right. Strellson is cool, modern and irresistibly. This brand has the ultimate in fashion variety for men all under one roof. The Strellson collection caters to trendsetters and at the same time has pieces that will stand and remain classic fashion investments. It recognizes that there are no limits when it comes to casual or sportswear as well as trendy suits.

It uses high-quality materials such as real leather and exquisite fabrics from Italian weavers – yes, it makes a difference to the item where the fabrics come from. You can see the quality let alone feel it. Strellson‘s forte, is in being mindful when it comes to layering clothing. It’s the key to being casually smart and looking unique. Layering your clothes can complete a look that illustrates who you are and what you represent. I love how they mix different suit materials and colours, for an alternative modern business look.

Suit Style

Strellson - swiss winter suits

This label covers a range of different designs and styles of suits, whether it’s single or double breasted, burgundy, tweed or grey –  Strellson will guide you in how to mix and match your suit pieces. They clearly show a modern way in how to wear your suit. How youthful and refreshing to see. Strellson‘s key idea is that you need to keep an open stylish mind when it comes to men’s fashion.

Layering This Winter

strellson - swiss elegance - 2012

Strellson shows how you can learn and adopt the skill of layering your individual pieces. Perfect for when you get too hot or too cold in winter. For me the label is the definition of urban fashion; it’s urban chic, urban trend and urban style. If you have no idea what to buy, the store can help you. You can walk in clueless and walk out enlightened. Head to toe Strellson can never be a bad thing in out books, a bonus if you can’t be bothered to shop anywhere else (we’re in know way condoning laziness by saying this – we just really love Strellson).

strellson - swiss elegance - 2012

Outdoor Gear

I love its array of outdoor gear. It is funky, edgy and damn right cool. The Swiss certainly know how to sport it up in style. They inspire you to think that you should always think about your street style image.

Strellson Sportswear - ski jackets outdoorwear

Perfect examples of layering your winter gear right now

Strellson - men's boots

Gorgeous walking boots even if it’s just for a walk in the park.

Strellson - sunglasses and cufflinks


It’s collection is simple, adaptable and will complete any outfit.

Strellson - man's bag

Very slick men’s bag and versatile for both summer and winter days. It would look great with any suit.

Strellson Sportswear - Herren Lederjacke - leather jacket

Strellson Lederjacke. Riding in style should be priority, even if it’s on a pedal bike.

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