Fiat started making cars in 1899. The company is still around today, making cars like the 500, Balilla, Spider, Topolino, and the Panda. Enjoy reading about the Italian lifestyle history here in Tuscany. Welcome to the Italian Tuscan Job.

Fiat 500, Balilla & Spider The Classic Cars of the Day


Today In Tuscany I experienced the classic car industry like one should the Fiat here Tuscany. I saw the 500b Topolino, Spider sport, 1933 Balilla, and the little fiat 500. Classic car enthusiasts are always scouting for auction alerts. Drummer, DJ, Andrea a classic car buyers expert here in Tuscany owns these three not rare vintage cars but an available vehicle that is affordable but fun.

Fiat 500, Balilla & Spider The Classic Cars of the Day MenStyleFashion Italy Tuscany

These cars are lifestyle cars to be driven at pleasure here in Tuscany.

Spider 124 Classic Car italy Gracie Opulanza

Fiat Balilla 1930s

FIAT BALILLA 1933 very rare vintage car built by Fiat between the two wars with a custom-built S.A.F.A.F. This Fiat was rust-free, in perfect condition with its historical register. It has the regular road papers and still with the original paint. It has been in long-term storage still with its Babilla original cloth to cover the car. The speed transmission was wonderful to hear and getting into third gear was easy especially with the hill climbs here in Tuscany. This car’s original conditions are still amazing and have an Italian registration thanks to the previous owners.

This car is a masterpiece and I loved being a passenger passager seat was super comfortable. Italy is full of these gems if you can find them.



The radiator is all handmade and a statement piece and work of art. What a car to be made before the world war. This car is all about having a jolly. and it’s not like driving a Maserati.

Fiat 500

This small car is a car that is taken out only on a Sunday. It sounds and looks so adorable. I find it is so much more appealing than the 600d, and very different to a Lancia which I drove to. The beige is an original colour when first made. The seller kept it in its original state.

Fiat 500 Classic car Gracie Opulanza Tuscany italy beige


Buying A Fiat

Make sure the price reflects the last price. Look at the coupé bodywork to identify the agency conditions. Look at other adverts and make sure it has the historic certificate. Compare to other link motors website to identify the limited production. There are variants with any rare car and look at the mph. Make sure that is real. Fiat classical cars are seen all over Europe, Germany, France, Switzerland but for me, they belong in Italy. It’s always hard to find price comparisons and the current market values.

Fiat 500 Classic car Gracie Opulanza Tuscany MenStyleFashion italy beige


The hydraulic brakes the independent front suspension gave me an insight into the engineering of the past with Fiat. The 500c topolino had such a personality like all these cars. The Fiat spider was amazing driving it fast. The Fiat 500 was all about a slow drive through Tuscany. The Balilla was all about being seen, haute couture on wheels.

Fiat 500 Classic car Gracie Opulanza Tuscany italy beige

Fiat Spider

I reviewed the new spider which in comparison is an insult to this classic car. The frame, colour, driveshaft is why I was so impressed with this car. Driving on a dusty Tuscan road amongst the olive trees, vineyards, and cypris tree is why buying a classic car is an experience like no other.

Spider 124 Classic Car italy Gracie Opulanza tuscany

The Grand Prix of lifestyle is easy to drive in Tuscany. This car is not like an alfa Romeo it stands on its own as a Fiat. I was very comfortable in the passenger seat. The rear wheels were sliding all over the place which was so empowering.

Fiat 500 Classic car Gracie Opulanza Tuscany italy beige

I love classic cars for the driving experience and nostalgia. For me, it’s like a fashion catwalk on wheels on the runway in Milan.

Spider 124 Classic Car italy Gracie Opulanza