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3 Simple, “Low Effort” Ways to Lose Weight

The developed world is plagued by a health “pandemic” that is far more widespread and deadly than COVID-19: obesity. While you don’t have to count calories or follow a special diet for intermittent fasting to work, it works quickest if you are mindful of carbohydrate intake and avoids eating too many grains, sugar, fruit, and starchy root vegetables.

6 Fundamentals While Cooking with A Wok

A wok is a versatile kitchenware that most people love to use to prepare various dishes. Therefore, although you can use a frying pan, if you want a fast meal, the wok will provide that as it distributes the heat evenly, and it is now loved in most restaurants and homes as well.

Simple Habits For Sustainable Living

Whilst the thought of going carbon-neutral might sound like a daunting feat, there are some simple habits we can all adopt to start living a more sustainable life. And if you do buy a plastic bag, there are plenty of ways you can put it to good use – from using it as a bin liner to creating a flower-pot and much more besides.

Picnic Date – How To Impress Your Date?

We all know how nerve-wracking dates can be, with endless decisions to make about the food, location and, of course, what to wear! However, going to a place where you can have a look around after you’ve eaten will add an extra element of fun to the day — so, visit the National Trust website to search for parks, beaches, and summer gardens that are nearby.


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