Flexispot BackSupport Office Chair BS10 – The Home Office Review

Flexispot BackSupport Office Chair BS10 – The Home Office Review

The majority of us are still working from home. Here, team MenStyleFashion has a digital nomad lifestyle, so today we are sitting in the garden in Tuscany. For MSF our comfort and back support are why we have invested in this Flexispot BackSupport Office Chair BS10. There are a few items we will not compromise on and that is office equipment within the home. Here is my review of the Flexispot office chair.


I love the products from Flexispot, especially its range of standing desks. You can read my review of the FlexiSpot E8 Standing Desk here. I don’t mind standing for a period of time whilst working but this has to be combined with some time of sitting down as well. And when sitting down, I want to do this in comfort, with an ergonomic chair. Flexispot has a large range of chairs that you can order from a large range of country-specific websites. Once ordered delivery was swift and the chair arrived within 48 hours.

Assembling the Flexispot BackSupport Office Chair BS10 was pretty easy with clear instructions and the chair was ready to be used within 10 minutes. This chair retails at £399.99 and here are some of the features making this chair stand out.

Adjustable Headrest

We all like to lounge around and discuss strategies for growing our digital brands. Sometimes you don’t want to lean forward to type away on your computer and you want to lean backwards to think or talk to a colleague standing whilst sitting down. There is nothing better than having some head support when using the chair in tilt mode. Dare I say it, it is best with your feet on the desk, I could almost fall asleep in this chair and get a well-deserved break.

So when talking about important choices the adjustable headrest which can be moved up and down comes in very handy for different team members. Nice and effective relief of the neck muscles. With a 6cm range, it ticks all the neck comfort boxes.

BackSupport Office Chair BS10 - The Home Office Review

Flexispot BackSupport Office Chair BS10 - The Home Office Review

Modern Lumbar Support

I can’t tell you over the last two years how many back-breaking chairs I have had to sit on. Work comfort is a must for me. It was a welcome relief to have an office chair with lumbar support that is height adjustable, this is taking the strain out of my back.

It can be adjusted 8cm and has fabulous support for my whole back. It makes a big difference to sit without back pain when writing. The walnut wood design behind the chair for me was not really needed, but it is a personal taste.

BackSupport Office Chair BS10 - The Home Office Review

Highly Adjustable

We all have different bodies and we all like different seating positions. This office chair has all the adjustments that you can wish for. First of all the armrest can be moved up and down and moved in width to accommodate various body types. Then there is the height adjustment that you can find on almost any office chair and a tilt function that can be locked into several angles or can move freely with an adjustable level of resistance that you can set. The last adjustable function is the position of the bottom seat which can be moved over a range of 4cm.

With so many settings the only thing I wish for is a memory setting so that if you have to share the chair with someone each can have their own settings. Or maybe I should buy another one.

BackSupport Office Chair BS10 - The Home Office Review

Flexispot BackSupport Office Chair BS10 - The Home Office Review

Polished Aluminum Feet

This office chair is heavy and sturdy, so not easy to move around with having some wheels. The five silver-coloured feet made of polished aluminium with multi-directional castors impress and give a modern robust look to the chair. I use it inside and outside for working comfort depending on the weather. Overall the chair can be used in many flooring designs such as carpet, parquet or tiles. In my case, it blends in well with the grey pebbles.

BackSupport Office Chair BS10 - The Home Office Review


Working from home can take a toll on our backs. Therefore this Flexisot BackSupport Office Chair BS10 is a wonderful solution for your home office. Like the standing desk, the Flexispot products are of high quality and are built to last whilst looking good. The Flexisot BackSupport Office Chair BS10 is a highly adjustable ergonomic chair that will give you great comfort when working in sitting down mode. The combination of sitting down and standing is the way forward for me.

Flexispot is celebrating its anniversary with the up and coming Flexispot day running from 23-25 May with huge discounts.

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