What is an outfit without accessories? Pretty bare, that’s for sure! We know that it’s all the details, and that’s why accessories make all the difference. Sometimes they can determine the whole aesthetic – just a quick change of rings or necklaces, and you’re on a whole other level. It elevates plainer outfits and makes them look expensive, even when you’re just wearing a basic t-shirt and jeans. No look is complete without some killer accessories.

Those mornings when you’re in a rush, popping on a few accessories may seem like yet another thing to add to the checklist before leaving the house, tiresome for some. However, the feeling you’ll get when you know your outfit is polished… You’ll be proud and content in something that truly expresses your identity. Here are some of the best accessories for men – be sure to invest in these pieces to ensure that your wardrobe is on its A-Game!


Jewellery is being turned on its head, we hope you’re going to get experimental with it this season. Unisex jewellery is here to stay – it’s not just a trend. As the industry grows to become more and more inclusive, so do brands generally. Jewellery is no longer deemed “feminine” or “delicate” but can help you achieve a really polished look.

wearing chain

When we say jewellery, we don’t mean a simple stud or chain bracelet. We all need a bit of extravagance in our lives, and that’s where statement jewellery comes in. Drop earrings, pearl necklaces – if it’s dramatic, guaranteed we’re wearing it! It’s these kinds of Art Deco-inspired pieces that will revolutionise your wardrobe and give it some edge. They’re perfect for standing out from the crowd and turning a few heads.


Keyrings, lame right? Wrong! Men’s designer keyrings are making waves in the fashion industry – they’re no longer just for your car keys. They add texture and depth to your outfit, thanks to their style, metal and size. Opt for something branded to make a bold statement, or choose a graphic symbol or design that represents your personality.

Vivienne Westwood Keyring

How can you style keyrings? Other than just throw them on your nearest set of keys, you can also attach them to belt loops for a city-chic feel You can also wear them on your boots for a punk rock look.


Bucket hat

Hats are often overlooked – we’re always worried about how our head will look in them, and if they’re flattering. Our advice? Try all styles – baseball caps are so 90’s, but don’t always suit everyone. In this case, a bucket hat is the perfect compromise. It still has those 90’s vibes whilst being flattering and protective. In the winter, beanie hats are perfect for covering up in style. Colour coordination will help the beanie go with the rest of your outfit!