Simple Tips To Keeping Your Silver Cutlery Set Shiny

Simple Tips To Keeping Your Silver Cutlery Set Shiny

Cutlery is a common name for all the kitchen items that help us prepare and serve and eat food. Over the years man has diversified on cutlery. The French are known to have traveled with silverware from as early as 1550. Silverware is a term used to generalize cutlery regardless of their metallic components. The 17th century saw the mass production of cutlery in Sheffield where it spread to many parts of the world.

The silver cutlery set is a true definition of exquisite décor. When you have distinguished guests coming to your home, you need everything to be perfect. Silver cutlery is an excellent representation of class and elegance. The shiny pieces make the dining table warm and welcoming. Here are a few tips for caring for your silver cutlery set.



Cleaning your silver cutlery with care is essential. Silverware can quickly get scratches. To avoid that, handle each distinct kind separately. Clean each piece at a time. That way they do not rub against each other and cause scratching. When cleaning you need warm water that will get rid of dust. Along with the warm water, you need some soft sponge. A harsh cleaning detergent can be harmful to the silver coat. Ensure that you have a mild cleaner to go along with the warm water.

Polishing Silver

After some time, you will realize that your silver cutlery becomes dull. To make it look shiny again; the only thing you can do is polish the silver. You can find a good polishing cream around you. While polishing your silver, avoid dipping gels which do not give off a clean finish. You need to warm water to rinse your cutlery off dust and dirt. The warm water dip will also be useful while cleaning the cream. The polishing cream should cover the silver cutlery set fully to ensure that it gets to all parts. Wait for a short time and wipe the cream off. After the cream is out, rinse with warm water.

Things To Avoid

Salt is a significant cause of tarnish on silver cutlery. If you want to keep your cutlery nice and shiny, ensure that salt does not come into close contact with the silver. You must also avoid leaving your silverware wet and untended. Improper maintenance makes it easy the silver to lose its shine over time. After use, always clean your cutlery with warm water. Dry the dishes thoroughly. Keeping silver dump can create a suitable environment for tarnish on silver.


Storing silver can be hard. Most people do not know what to do with their silver cutlery. The wrong storage practices tend to harm your silver. The pieces are, and they need special treatment. For instance, ensure that you have the silver cutlery dry before storage. You should also store them wrapped in cotton cloth to keep dry. Even limiting the amount of air that gets to the cutlery minimizes the amount of tarnish. You can store them in their drawer under lock and key.

Cutlery is essential for the holiday season. For the maximum shine, ensure that you have polishing cream with you always. Polish three weeks early to ensure that you have everything looks good before the big day. Hosting a party is never that simple. With incredible cutlery, the décor and the food comply with the standards. A simple set up on your dining table can complete any décor setting to enrich it with style and sophistication.

Now that you know how to keep your silver cutlery, you can plan your next shopping spree. If you want a French style dining experience, bring the experience home through the silver cutlery. With such cutlery, every dinner guest will leave happy and satisfied. Protection Status

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