Dallas – TV Series brings Western Fashion Revival

Dallas – TV Series brings Western Fashion Revival



Larry Hagman as the greedy, scheming oil baron J.R. Ewing is back. Fans of the original Dallas TV series were welcomed by some familiar faces: J.R. Ewing (Larry Hagman), Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy) and Sue Ellen Ewing (Linda Gray). All three actors were really excited to return to Texas and started where they left off 20 years ago. With its 357 episodes, Dallas remains one of the longest lasting full – hour prime time dramas in American TV history.

So what fashion trends are going to hit our high streets in the next few weeks?

Cowboy Boots

Here are some tips on how to wear Cowboy boots.

Under your denim jeans – Your boots will look like high heels, giving you a bit of extra height while still keeping your clothing relaxed. This particular appearance works the best with flared or wide-leg denims, simply because cowboy boots are usually fairly broad around the lower-leg, and could appear large if you use a more tapered jean. Furthermore, make certain your denim jeans are long, because the goal isn’t to display excessive boot in this situation. This particular look is great because the toe of the boots are peeking from under your denims, this will make your legs appear super-long as well as slim.

Over your denim jeans – Cowboy boots are perfect with skinny denims. It’s so easy to tuck skinny denims inside any kind of boot. Regular straight leg denims could be folded over and tuck away to show off your boots. Try out partnering this particular look with a leather jacket as well as a nice man bag in order to reduce the actual country-ness.

Calvi_choc,dallas,J.R. tv series

Cowboy Hats

Long love for it’s unique style and function, the cowboy hat remains the most recognizable symbol of the great American West. Nothing makes a statement like the cowboy hat you wear. You just need to decide what to go for? Is it the felt,straw or palm leaf cowboy hat. One thing for sure J.R. shows you that attitude needs to be included.

JR,ewing,dallas, tv series,2012

Belt Buckles

Western  style buckles will bring out the cowboy in you. The decorative Bronc rider buckle of antiqued silver is certainly the way forward.  Make sure  you get the matching holster.

elliot-rhodes-Harrods-belts-and-buckles.bullets,dallas,tv series

Holster Belt – Redesign

When we think of holster belts we think of guns. However the same belt concept can be used to store a lot of our daily accessories like keys, mobile phones and wallets away. French company holsterbelt has redesigned the classic holster belt for us trendy urbanites.

The Holster Belt Redesign came into existence during the year 2011. Following the trendy urban movement , and thanks to the French know-how in terms of leather goods Holster Belt has reinvented one cult accessory : the men’s saddle bag. Dallas certainly will show you why you need one of these around at any given moment.

Holster-Belt,dallas,tv series

Western Shirts

Vintage styling, saw tooth flap pockets, spread collar,diamond marbled snaps and some dark denim will certainly complete that western modern cowboy that’s within you.

g-star-raw,cowboy-shirt-2012,dallas,tv series


brad pitt, western fashion,ridley scott, the counselor 2012

Brad Pitt in the movie ‘The Counselor’ – sporting a little ER Topazio python with gold finish western style buckle.

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