A Definitive Guide to Gold Chains for Men

A Definitive Guide to Gold Chains for Men

When you think of jewellery, what immediately comes to mind is women wearing engagement rings, signets, or necklaces that add an elegant touch to any attire. That is because, for many years, jewellery has been a domain of women. Today, gender roles are shifting, and men are exploring beyond traditionally masculine styles of jewellery to dabble in necklaces and bracelets – pieces of jewellery that society once considered ‘feminine’ things. While there is a difference between the way men and women approach jewellery, the fact remains that men still wear them, and it behoves them to be knowledgeable about the wide range of choices for jewellery, including gold chains.

If you are one of the many men who feel overwhelmed with the insane amount of choices for gold chains, then this article is for you. Ross from Fraser Ross Jewelry made this guide to help you understand your options for the best pieces that will look natural on you:

A Definitive Guide to Gold chains for Men

The Beauty of Gold Chains

Unornamented chains are a classic piece of adornment worn by men. In the jewellery industry, ‘chains’ refer to men’s necklaces that are typically worn underneath men’s shirts. Depending on the length of the chain, the style of links you choose, and the metal used for making the chain, you can create a variety of looks with this timeless piece. Some men wear chains plainly, while others adorn their chains with medallions or pendants. There is even some that like their gold chains with diamonds here is a resource to learn more.

Chains are a statement on their own, so it is best to keep the style understated and avoid wearing more than one gold chain. If you keep it discreet and choose a chain with a thickness and length that is proportional to your body type, then you will definitely be able to rock any look whether you are wearing the chain with a plain shirt or a suit.

There are different types of gold chains that are available for men. Some are ideal for daily wear, and some are better for holding pendants. Here are the most common types that you will likely encounter when shopping for gold chains.

  • Ball chain is made of small beads of metal that are either connected closely together via short lengths of wire or spaced with some distance. Because of the material used for making ball chains, it has a distinct silver shine that is great for contemporary looks.
  • Anchor chain – this jewellery chain is a nice choice for men. It can have round links or flattened links that are similar to what we commonly see in cable chains. Anchor chains are typically made by alternating a small round link with a large oval link. This type of chain, which is based on the chains that are used by sailors to set their anchors, is available in varying widths.
  • Box chain – the square links used for this chain type give it a ‘boxy’ appearance. Box chains can be thick or thin and are often paired up with pendants. The thick versions of box chains are great statement pieces for men. One of the things we like about this chain type is that the square links can be easily be replaced if a “box” breaks.
  • Curb chains –Because of their large and heavy links, the curb chains are popular with men. It is a classic design of flattened and twisted links that interlock tightly.
  • Figaro chains – this is one of the most popular gold link chain designs that features flattened links that vary in size. Used mostly by men to hold pendants such as medallions and crosses.
  •  Rope chains consist of small links that are joined together in a twisted pattern to resemble the shape of a rope. The heavier versions of rope chains are a great choice for pendant necklaces.

Chain length

The length of a gold chain can affect the overall aesthetics of men’s necklaces, as well as the type of suit or shirt that will go well with it, which is why it pays to consider this factor when you are in the market for gold chains.

There are choker-style chains that you can wear with almost any outfit. This chain length will stand out, as it falls just above the collar, and makes the whole necklace visible. On the other hand, you may opt for a gold chain that is slightly longer if you plan to adorn the piece with a dog tag, cross, or medallion. Mid-length chains should be avoided if you want a chain for hanging a pendant, as they fall under the collar, or sometimes sits awkwardly halfway down the chest.


 A classic gold chain design is an accent piece that any man can add to their wardrobe. Even if it is not something that you wear with every outfit, it is a must-have accessory for any well-dressed man. We have been asked many times whether it is okay for men to wear gold chains, and our answer is that it’s perfectly fine as long as you keep it simple, and stick to wearing one chain at a time.

If you are unsure about which type of gold chain to get, or which chain length is right for you, simply get in touch with our online representative who will be happy to help you narrow down your options, so you can find the gold chain that best suits your unique style.

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